Sunday, January 27, 2008

"The Naked Truth?"... Salacious Headlines, or Concern for Citizens?

Yes Morning Call, I would LOVE the "naked truth" for a change, and less turd polishing, but I don't believe I will find it in your paper.

"The naked truth: No privacy online"

"Parkland Porn has been seen by many"

"DA to Parkland students: Delete Porn... or else."

These are some of the Morning Call's headlines in the past few days. I highlighted the important words. And let's not forget the editorial by the concerned MC editorial staff:

"Take Pornography at school seriously"

Okay, but give me a good reason why I should take this newspaper seriously. Not since their coverage of the Jon Acerra case(remember how many times we were reminded of how he was allegedly sitting NAKED at his desk watching PORN?) has the word porn or naked been used so many times. If the MC is so concerned about children and porn, then why did they put that picture of a half naked pole dancing stripper on the front page last month where young children could see it?

I am very concerned about kids and pornography and the garbage kids see on MTV and VH-1 which verges on pornography and is disgraceful (ever see that tawdry reality show with Brett Michaels?). I am shocked at what I see at MySpace. I would never allow my child to have a cell phone, and I monitor what he sees on the internet and tv. Yes, child pornography is a serious crime. But is the porn from Parkland more serious than crimes that kill people or endanger their lives? Allentown sure has some of that going on, shouldn't we know if the DA is spending his time investigating it? This porn story mentions DA Jim Martin's name more times than any other story I have read lately. He sure had a lot to say about porn at Parkland, according to the Morning Call, but not much or anything to say about the closing of Hary's Bar due to CRIME (he wasn't even at the press conference), Marge Szulborski embezzling 2.5 million (the investigation is closed.), the drug raid and murder at the V.I.P. Barbershop, or other murders in Allentown.

Well, SEX sells papers, or so the MC editors think. I am cancelling my subscription ASAP. And that new Tribune owner Sam Zell dropping the f-bomb at Symphony Hall was a really classy performance. I guess that "bellyin' up to the bar" "maverick" strait talkin' style is refreshing, according to columnist Bill White. Smells like more turds to me.