Monday, August 4, 2008

Pretty bridge update

In my very first blog post ever I made this statement :

"the pretty banners the city placed over the rusty old 15th St. bridge would have a lot more impact if the bridge was at least painted first. It's kinda like turd-polishing. More on turd-polishing later. "

I was surprised when some fellow bloggers got all aquiver over my reference to turds. Not very sophisticated language for a lady bloggette? Oh, that Mrs. Dottie has such a potty mouth! Well, I like to call em' how I see em'.

Anyway, the 15th St. Bridge has finally been painted a pretty designer shade of spring green to match the lovely banners. It looks much better now. So what was the hold-up? Maybe they couldn't decide on a color?

I read that the bridge will need to be completely reconstructed one day, and that the structural repairs they just did in June were only a temporary fix. Makes me wonder why they let it get so rusty for so long? There's a rule I like to follow in my household when it comes to doing the dishes and general straightening up: "daily maintenance prevents pile-ups."

Is this fresh green paint just another coat of turd polish? Well, at least it looks better.
Public Notice FYI : the 15th St. Bridge will be closed Tuesday August 5th and Wednesday August 6th for additional structural repairs.