Thursday, August 21, 2008

Revitalization: let's make it personal

Hello friends! The Allentown Chen-Arts Group (CHARGE) is a growing group of local artists and friends interested in showing their work in Allentown, and possibly the surrounding LV area. The group was started by artists. When we get together once a month, artists are given an opportunity to present their art work to the group. Our next get together will be Sat. Sept. 6th, at the Musselman arts center on Hamilton St. Check back here for more info.

What I like about the group is the spirit of community, and the exchange of ideas. It's exciting to meet new people and learn new things, to see what other artists do. It's been fun to re-connect with old friends.We are all different, yet we do have things in common. I think this kind of "all inclusive" community building, through the arts, will help revitalize Allentown. It certainly has helped to revitalize my spirit! Art brings people together. All kinds of people of all ages. Everyone is welcome to participate in this group.

I think there needs to be more "all inclusive" community building in Allentown. It's the people who matter most. It's the neighborhoods. It's the kids in the school district. Why doesn't the city website include some pictures of these people, instead of just buildings and statues? Put people first. What do you think?

Photo: The first Chen-Arts get together at House of Chen, Allentown