Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Real Joes

Well, so much for Joe the Plumber and his fake story. Last night Barack Obama showed us some real Joes and Josephines from across the country- people we can really identify with. Obama's 30 minute infomercial was clearly aimed at middle class people- Americans who have worked all their lives just to see their pensions taken away, families struggling to make ends meet, retired people who must go back to work to pay for their medical bills. Through several touching real life stories, he showed that we are all connected, whether we are black or white, or young, old or in between. The middle class has slowly been pushed towards poverty, and we need help. Obama is taking his plan to the people, asking us to speak out and vote for change. His demeanor was calm and he looked presidential. He talked about being raised by a single mom who died of cancer, and that his children never had the chance to meet her. Michelle Obama talked about how Barack spends so much time with his daughters. It was very moving, and we cried.

On a sorta related subject, why isn't The Morning Call endorsing a presidential candidate? Is it true that the only reason is because the candidates did not meet with the MC face to face?
(I read this in a letter to the editor today.) I've noticed that they recommend Corbett for AG, and Dent for Congress, so why not a president? What is up with this? Over the weekend I read a wonderful endorsement for Obama in the Newark Star Ledger. The MC's refusal to endorse a candidate is a disservice to our community, and shows the arrogance of their editors.