Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Era

Seeing (on tv) close to two million people gathered at the mall in Washington DC was moving. It must have been really exciting to be there. What stood out to me in Obama's Inaugural Address was the message that we are all equal, and that in these tough times he is summoning all Americans to work together in a "new era of responsibility." In his speech, which was informed by history but made his own, he asked us to return to the values of hard work, family, and community that America once stood for. He is confident that tough challenges will be met and America is ready to lead once more. The speech was somewhat somber, but still very powerful. He stressed the importance of extending a hand to the world, especially the Islamic world. The Bush era is over, and so is the Reagan era when less government was the mantra. Now we need "more effective" govt. He mentioned the importance of science, and stopping global warming. It feels like we are coming out of the Dark Ages! Finally!

With Obama's approval rating at 83%, and that was before the inauguration, I certainly hope that Republicans will not put partisanship before principle. Even though Obama has said he will be focusing on moving forward, I would like to see an investigation and trial regarding war crimes committed by the Bush administration. I think it's important to cleanse the country of the bad things done by the prior administration if we are going to be respected again around the world. And what about the scary possibility of future administrations repeating what Bush did (ie torture), because he got away with it?

I am hopeful. Even though there are so many businesses closing due to the recession, record home foreclosures, a health care crisis, and we may even be in for a depression, I have confidence in Obama's leadership, and in the American people to rise to the challenge. So, let's get to work, together.

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