Monday, July 20, 2009

DA Martin: We Have a Right To Know

[After you read this post, read the follow-up post, Kathleen Parrish Responds ]

Readers, this went out in today's mail:

July 20, 2009

To: Kathleen Parrish, “Right To Know” Officer, Lehigh County

From: Bill Villa

Ms. Parrish, recently, former longtime Morning Call newspaper "courthouse beat" reporter Debbie Garlicki became an Executive Aide in the office of Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin.

As my attachments indicate, Ms. Garlicki’s new duties as an Executive Aide to DA Jim Martin include writing and disseminating Press Releases promoting Mr. Martin— a function not all that different from Ms. Garlicki’s previous position at The Morning Call newspaper, but I digress.

Q. Did this Executive Aide/Public Relations position in DA Jim Martin’s office exist prior to Debbie Garlicki's permanent layoff from The Morning Call newspaper?

Or was this position created especially for Debbie Garlicki?

I look forward to an initial response from you within 5 business days as is pledged at the Lehigh County web site’s "Right To Know" page.

Thank you.


UpDate: In a message dated 7/31/09 9:05:51 AM, Kathleen Parrish writes:

Hi Bill, I received your request in the mail yesterday. I have the information you requested and will put it in the mail today. Thanks, Kathleen


Readers, please note: a mailing glitch (an error on my part) resulted in the "late" (i.e., received just yesterday) arrival of my Open Records Act, "Right To Know" inquiry onto Kathleen Parrish's desk. She is responding to my inquiry 4 business days faster than is promised at the County's web site, and I appreciate that. Look for a follow-up post on this matter, after we have a chance to examine the County's answer to our question.