Friday, August 28, 2009

"Just Say No" to Bernie O'Hare

Readers, FYI, here's an email we just sent to Lehigh County Executive, Don Cunningham (left). 

"Don [Cunningham] was gracious enough to sit down with me after his speech [yesterday at Coca-Cola Park], and I'll have more about that tomorrow." -Bernie O'Hare, at his Blog Droppings, today

Don, why do you continue to legitimize O'Hare by giving him the time of day?

This is a "man" who was disbarred by the PA Supreme Court for evil intent activity, and 23 years later, unrepentant and un-rehabilitated, O'Hare is still emotionally torturing grief-stricken families. 

If you haven't already, please read our blog's exposé on O'Hare (follow the link below) which is based on documents obtained from the PA Supreme Court. 

Thank you for your consideration, Don. 

Best Regards, 

Bill Villa 

Readers, we'll be confronting every local politico who co-mingles w/ O'Hare, and especially those who, like Cunningham, were emailed our exposé on O'Hare [see next 4 posts down] weeks ago. While we do understand that being a "publicity opportunist" (note: we didn't say publicity "whore") is part of being in politics, we also believe strongly that area politicians should draw the line when it comes to legitimizing O'Hare w/ their access. Just Say No.