Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let The President Inspire Our Son

Update: see "Comments" section to find out which member(s) of the Allentown School District Board of Education are regularly contributing "fellow commentator members" of the rabidly racist blog, The Allentown Commentator.

Readers, this is an email we've sent to our son Gianni's principal and teacher at Muhlenberg Elementary School in Allentown. 

Dear Mr. Turton and Miss Dex: 

We understand that the Allentown School District, caving to 
NeoCon right wingnut racist lunacy along with the mainstream media,  will be leaving it up to individual ASD classroom teachers to decide whether or not their students, our children, can watch an address from the President of The United States, Barack Obama, scheduled for the first day of school on Tuesday. 

Please be advised: we insist that our son Gianni have access to President Obama's address to school children on Tuesday, at school. As such, we strongly advise you to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that Gianni has access to the President's address, including moving him to a classroom where the address is being shown, or moving him to another school where President Obama's speech is being "allowed." 

Thank you for your consideration, wishing you a productive and enriching new school year. 

Best Regards, 

Angie Villa & Bill Villa

Update: Readers, we got this nice email response the day after posting this post ... 

Dear Mrs. Villa, 

Muhlenberg Elementary will be taking the necessary steps in order to show President Obama's scheduled speech to our students. If you have any other concerns, please let me know. 

I look forward to meeting you and Gianni on Tuesday!

Thank you, Miss Dex :) 

Update: Got this email from Muhlenberg's cool principal coupla minutes ago (10:34am, 9/8/09)

Mr. & Mrs. Villa, 

It is our intention to show the President's address today. Barring any technical problems the students will see and hear the speech. 

Phil Turton

Update: 12:27pm, 9/8/09, we just watched President Obama's awe-inspiring speech to U.S. students. How anybody can be against this man totally escapes us. On a personal note, we especially liked Obama's words on "standing up to bullies."