Thursday, October 29, 2009

Falling Down Drunk Supervisor Wants Your Vote

UpDate: Frankenfield fell out of office, garnering only 160 votes. We wonder if one (or several) of Tim's votes were from Wind Gap District "Judge" Adrianne L. Masut (?)  

Timothy Frankenfield (D), 43, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Plainfield Township, and the former township Fire Marshall, has scored two citations in the past three years for public drunkenness. 

During the first incident in Dec. of 2006, he was stopped while walking towards a vehicle after leaving a Lower Nazareth area liquor store. He had a blood alcohol content of .30, nearly four times the legal limit. Was Frankenfield heading for his car and intending to drive? The "news report" fails to say. 

Then in June of 2009, Frankenfield was found passed out on the floor of the Municipal building with a bottle of Jack Daniels next to him see story here He was at the Municipal Building because he had arranged for a (non-public) emergency management meeting. He had a .17 BAC at that time, the same time that he would have been making public policy decisions, if he had not passed out first. Frankenfield later publicly apologized, saying it would never happen again, and  that he fell because he has a medical condition. District Judge Adrianne Masut, Wind Gap, (sound familiar?) (see this post) received his guilty plea by mail in the second incident, and Frankenfield was fined $150.00 plus court costs.

Frankenfield is an incumbent up for re-election this year in a race where there are four candidates running for two vacant Plainfield Township Supervisor seats. He wants the voters to focus on his record of public service, not his record of public drunkenness. After all, a little "booze" never hurt anyone (wink wink), right?

“I don’t believe it’s relevant,” said Frankenfield. “I believe my record not only as supervisor but in many years of community service stands for itself. Bar none.”

Why wasn't Frankenfield arrested? He's a danger to society if he drives while intoxicated, and did not learn his lesson. Instead, he gets a slap on the wrist from D.J. Masut for being a repeat offender and is able to continue in his public role as Chairman of Supervisors.

Is this the kind of role model the citizens of Plainfield Township want? Can an intoxicated person make clear decisions on public policy? And doesn't Judge Masut have a responsibility to protect citizens from dangerous drunk drivers? Did Masut give him a pass because he's a "connected" elected official?

What a sham our local "justice system" is around here, protecting and enabling connected criminals, and putting our communities at risk.