Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dunce Corner: Paul Carpenter

Readers (don't miss this), in today's Morning Call "newspaper," "columnist" Paul Carpenter who we emailed a link to our Most Recent Post on DA Jim Martin on Monday morning does a just masterful misdirection job on it, spending nearly his entire article musing about Japanese word usage.

Read: Paul Carpenter's column.

Carpenter finally gets around to mentioning his "no nonsense" (wink wink) buddy
DA Jim Martin in the last coupla sentences:

"District Attorney James Martin appealed to Superior Court, which relied on a rare trait (sanity) in the appellate court system and upheld Steinberg. Saturday's story said Martin may further appeal the case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Given my opinion of the Supremes, which is no better than my opinion of pimps and prostitutes of any ethnicity, that appeal could very well be successful." -Paul Carpenter

Very clever, Paul.

So (in your opinion) the PA Superior Court applied "sanity" in upholding Judge Steinberg's presumably good call (in your opinion) to toss DA Jim Martin's case (on its ear) out of Lehigh County Common Pleas Court ...

but if the PA Superior Court's (and Judge Steinberg's) ruling gets reversed by the PA Supreme Court, well that'll be because they're all like "pimps and prostitutes" on that bench ... and (you're like freakin' Houdini, Paul) NOT A WORD ON THE SCREAMING ASSHOLE FACTOR HERE, i.e., your pal DA Jim Martin, who is ARROGANTLY AND STUBBORNLY REFUSING TO LET GO OF THIS PAYING FOR SEX ISSUE, WHILE WASTING THE TAXPAYERS' AND THE COURTS' TIME & MONEY, AND ALL B/C JIM'S GIGANTIC but fragile EGO HAS BEEN BRUISED BY JUDGE STEINBERG.

Paul. You may be fooling
Jim Martin ... and his trembling fan base of super voters aged 80+ ... but you're not fooling the authors and readers of this blog, and we all vote too.