Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deliver Us From Allied Evil

Read May 27, 2013 Post UpDate

Readers, this shameful hypocrite Alex Joseph is allegedly studying to become a Catholic Priest. When he should be studying scripture, he's instead gleefully helping "Team O'Hare" emotionally torture and provoke our grief-stricken Villa family by joining in the Team O'Hare tactic of posting countless sadistically cruel and deceitfully false and provoking statements towards us at the participating allied blogs of Cedar Crest College "Ethics" Professor and Allentown City Council Vice President Michael Donovan, Bernie O'Hare, Mike Molovinsky, Lynn Township Supervisor David Najarian, Alfonso Todd, Pam Varkony, Chris Casey, Joe Hilliard, The Morning Call Forum/Troll Parade blog and others.

If we defend ourselves and our deceased and defenseless daughter Sheena against this cyber intimidation gang that includes "Father" Alex Joseph, Team O'Hare arranges to have bogus criminal "harassment" charges filed against us.

Recently, criminal courts in Lehigh and Northampton counties have both ruled swiftly and decisively against Team O'Hare and in our favor.

But their evil, allied, and sanctioned provoking of us continues (see vile comment below).

It is our hope and prayer that Catholic Seminarian and rabidly (and curiously) fervent O'Hare follower and acolyte "Father" Alex Joseph gets the intensive psychiatric help he needs for his obviously profound internet blogging/lying addiction and sadism streak. And he should never be ordained as a Catholic priest ... God help us.

Readers, this sadistically cruel and vile comment was posted and published at our blog by an "anonymous" member of Team O'Hare on Friday to provoke us, in the aftermath of our most recent courtroom victory ...

Anonymous said...You are one sick Mother. What do you do,keep your daughter's dead body in the basement so you can whore it around like a trophy? You oughta call this the How I whore my dead daughter blog. I bet you masterbate on her everytime you mention the name of one of your enemies. You and your wife are two of the sickest fucks I have ever read. Get some help. Fri Jan 08, 02:59:00 PM 2010
UpDate: this related comment was posted and signed by Chris Casey at LV Ramblings on Friday, January 15, 2010, 9:53am ...
"I am disappointed to see the last bastion of no moderation of comments has fallen. Villa must be celebrating in his basement."
Note: Only a total psycho buffoon like Chris Casey would subliminally "confess" to having posted that awful anonymous "basement" comment about Sheena here at LVS...via using the exact same language of evil in a signed comment elsewhere. And if Chris didn't author it, he is endorsing it, by referencing it. He is also, quite obviously, referencing the vile comment to provoke us, by way of pushing the cruelest "hot button" he can find, the death of our daughter.