Monday, February 8, 2010

O'Hare "Tactics" to Research

FYI, this morning my attorney checked w/ the Lehigh County Sheriff's Office to see if they had served Bernie O'Hare w/ our lawsuit yet.

The clerk there told him that the order to serve O'Hare w/ our lawsuit had been rescinded [canceled] at the request of a woman who left a phone message on the Sheriff's Office answering machine last week. The woman claimed she was from my attorney's office.

Pretty slick tactic, eh?

Now ask yourself: would the average Joe or Jane know that you could (temporarily) derail an order to have someone served w/ a lawsuit w/ a simple deceitful phone message? Highly doubtful.

Now ask yourself this: who do we know around here who has a loyal fan base of evil sadist shit-lovers and who knows all the ins & outs of county government, its players, policies, procedures? Anybody come to mind?

And is anyone (Dr. Pooley?) starting to "get the message," re: what we're dealing w/ here?

Hello ... anybody there?