Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Winning Appeal for Justice

April 11 UpDate: "Another Winning Appeal for Justice" has been honored as the most influential per post blog in Pennsylvania this week.

April 8 UpDate: Email, Incoming, from Allentown Ethics Board Member, Jackson J. Eaton.

On Apr 7, 2010, at 11:55:44 AM, Jackson Eaton wrote:

Your request has been received. The Board will formally respond to your request after the members have the opportunity to discuss its contents. I expect that should be by the end of next week. -- Jackson Eaton


Thanks very much, attorney Eaton. Polite & Respectful Question: can you be impartial in this situation? As you may (or may not) know, my only daughter Sheena was killed by your Gross McGinley law firm colleague Don LaBarre's son, Robert. Just wanted to get this on the record. Again, thank you for getting back to me, and thank you for your consideration regarding any possible conflicts of interest (or perceptions thereof) in this matter. -Bill Villa

On Apr 6, 2010, at 12:25:20 PM, Bill Villa wrote:



Rev. Dr. Grant Harrity, Hugh J. Gallagher, Martin Velazquez III, Jackson J. Eaton, The Rev. Canon Maria Tjeltveit, cc: Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Allentown City Clerk Mike Hanlon

OFFICIAL INVOLVED: W. Michael Donovan, Allentown City Council Vice President, Allentown Arts Commission, AEDC, Allentown Parking Authority

Article 171

I. The Board shall upon receipt of a request for a hearing within the period above referred to by the official or employee involved set a time and place for the hearing for the purpose of determining the facts. The person making the allegations and the employee or official involved shall have the opportunity to appear at the hearing by himself or by counsel and to present any and all evidence including testimony and exhibits which are relevant to the issue involved. No testimony shall be excluded except for irrelevancy. (11821 9/1/70)


No official or employee shall use, nor allow others to use, the authority, title or prestige of public office for the attainment of private financial, social or political benefits in any manner that is inconsistent with public interests. (13137 7/1/92)


At the hearing, we will demonstrate that …

* W. Michael Donovan authors and hosts a political blog on the internet called "Inclusion by Michael Donovan."

* Starting in October 2009, blogger Donovan began to allow, and publish, comments at his blog of a highly derogatory nature, directed at claimant Bill Villa, and his wife Angie Villa (Note: Angie Villa, co-founder of the Allentown Chen Arts Group, will be accepting the Allentown Arts Commission's "Arts Ovation Award" in May 2010 on behalf of the Allentown Chen Arts Group).

* In March 2010, blogger Donovan "upped the ante" of the provocation at his blog and is publishing comments about the Villas on the internet that are sadistically cruel and clearly libelous-- one comment, for example, "enlightens" readers of Donovan's blog that Bill Villa engages in necrophilia with his deceased daughter; other comments published by blogger Donovan libelously claim that Bill Villa is a "convicted criminal" who has "threatened to kill" employees of The Morning Call newspaper; in a series of comments, readers of Donovan's blog are encouraged to contact Mayfair and demand that The Villas original music band be removed from the Mayfair 2010 roster of scheduled performers.

* Among the hundreds of derogatory, cruel, and libelous blog comments being directed against Bill Villa and Angie Villa and being allowed by blog host Donovan is a comment signed by Michael Donovan stating that he is "letting all comments run" because they are "fun to read."

* Many of these outrageous blog comments (all visible worldwide via the internet) are proudly signed by two well-known local political bloggers-- one of whom is a defendant in a civil lawsuit in Lehigh County initiated by Plaintiff Bill Villa in January 2010.

* By publicly allying with these rogue bloggers, Donovan stands to "attain social and political benefits," via positive political and personal publicity from these rogue bloggers ... at their local blogs.

* Donovan also stands to gain "social and political benefits" from The Morning Call newspaper, where Donovan and several of these rogue bloggers are hand-picked members of "Valley Blogosphere," a cooperative "community" of local bloggers who are featured, promoted, and linked to, on The Morning Call’s website. (Note: "Valley Blogosphere" exposes The Morning Call's hand-picked community of bloggers, and their blog writings, including Michael Donovan's blog, to the newspapers' self-touted "600,000-plus readers, every week.")

* “Inconsistent with the public interests” here is that elected official Donovan’s blatant public partisanship in favor of these rogue bloggers is 180 degrees from what Donovan’s public position should be, and that is, one of neutrality and impartiality-- especially when considering that a jury needs to be selected from among residents of Lehigh County for Bill Villa's litigation against the rogue blogger Donovan has publicly allied with.

* And finally, re: “nor allow others to use, the authority, title or prestige of public office for the attainment of … social or political benefits,” W. Michael Donovan’s inappropriately positive and approving interactions with these rogue bloggers has the effect of giving them all credibility (via their blog "hob-knobbing" with an important elected City Official), a credibility that could not be farther from being deserved.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of my request for a hearing.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Villa
xxxx North xxth Street
Allentown, PA 1810x
Cell: 610.428.xxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx@xxx.com