Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Challenge for Goofy & Gutless A-Town City Council VP (for now) W. Michael Donovan

On May 20, at his poorly written and ironically titled blog, "Inclusion by Michael Donovan," recently tenured Cedar Crest College Ethics Professor and Allentown City "Councilor" Mike Donovan (hiding behind the safety of his computer monitor) launched this wobbly and shrieking 'scud missile' at Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski that (predictably) made our local right wing nut-pandering "newspaper" ...

''I am tired at [sic] seeing how cowardly you are not [sic] to come to council meetings,'' Donovan wrote. ''If I were mayor, I would have the GUTS to occasionally come to council and answer questions and cooperatively discuss city strategy.''

Not surprisingly it was Mayor Pawlowski's astute (and grammatically correct) comeback that scored the devastating direct hit ...

''[Donovan] chooses to attack in a very passive aggressive fashion, through emails, and blog entries,'' Pawlowski wrote. ''True courage is to confront your opponents with issues face to face and not through the Internet, that takes real guts.''

Well said, Mr. Mayor.

Mr. Donovan: do you have the GUTS to answer some questions, and confront me, face to face?

You have that opportunity, you know, by requesting a hearing in front of the Board of Ethics of the City of Allentown regarding the ethical complaint I filed against you ...

On Apr 14, 2010, at 4:40:01 PM, J. Jackson Eaton, III wrote:

It is the employee or official against whom the complaint is made that has the option to request a hearing:

"Employer or official involved in the request shall have the opportunity within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the request to respond in writing, to make a written request for a hearing or to do both... The Board shall upon receipt of a request for a hearing within the period above referred to by the official or employee involved set a time and place for the hearing for the purposes of determining the facts." Sections 171.09(H) and (I).

Mr. Donovan: do you have the GUTS to answer some questions, and confront me, face to face?

I'd like to hear your answers regarding why you are publishing comments at your blog about my grief-stricken family that are offensive, sadistically cruel, false, and clearly libelous.

Several comments invite readers of your blog to believe that I engage in necrophilia with my deceased daughter. Why would you do that to us, Mr. Donovan?

Other blog comments published by you falsely and libelously claim that I'm a “convicted criminal” who has made "terroristic threats against the Lehigh County District Attorney" and that I've "threatened to kill" employees of The Morning Call newspaper. What were you thinking when you published these clearly libelous comments, Mr. Donovan?

Practice what you screech, Mike.


Do you have the GUTS to answer some questions, and confront me, face to face?

The electorate is watching and waiting for your answer.