Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dave Erdman, how about a meeting w/ Bill Villa?

Readers, we've heard back from The Morning Call regarding our recent "outreach post" to Publisher/CEO Tim Ryan.

9:50 am today, Phone Call, Incoming, from Millie Perez, Tim Ryan's Executive Assistant in Allentown.

Millie told me Tim Ryan is asking that I take up my
"O'Hare Issue" w/ Morning Call Managing Editor Dave Erdman (pictured).

I told Millie that I'd be happy to, but that Mr. Erdman has (in the past)
refused to meet w/ me, and the newspaper's (now defunct) Editorial Board has refused me a "Welcome Mat" meeting
229 times to date.

Millie said she'll check w/ Dave Erdman regarding him meeting w/ me on
this-- and I emphasized to Millie that an in-person meeting w/ Dave Erdman would be my strong preference over a phone call from Erdman.

I added that I would accept a phone call (vs. an in-person meeting) from Tim Ryan, since Ryan is located in Baltimore.

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