Monday, June 14, 2010


[6/16 UpDate: Bill Villa speaks Truth to Power, Tonight, Wednesday, June 16, Allentown City Council Chambers, 7:30 pm]

[6/22 UpDate: Corrections & Clarifications: It has been pointed out to us that "W" Mike Donovan wasn't eligible to vote-- he was only eligible to tell others how to. And nobody followed his orders.]

The two biggest local blog blowhards on the topic of Monday night's Lehigh County Democratic Party voting ...

were BOTH NO SHOWS for the vote on Monday night.

Yep. ALL TALK (and lots of it) BUT NO SHOW ... even though both Casey and Donovan are committee "men" and were eligible to vote.

In related news, Courtney Robinson (who was kiss of death-endorsed by Casey/Donovan) got trounced by Walter Felton in a 3 to 1 vote ratio for 2nd vice chair (and sadly, Courtney lost what was his seat in the 2nd vice chair, so much for 3:00am blogging).

And Chair Rick Daugherty (who was loudly denounced by Casey/Donovan) won reelection in an unopposed landslide cruise.

Hey, some influential political movers & shakers, Casey & Donovan, eh?!

Our Predictions: Mike Donovan will soon flip-flop back into being the lifelong Republican he was before slithering into Allentown as a "Democrat" (wink wink) several years ago and Chris Casey will start another blog war before the week's out.

They're both done.

Reminder to Lehigh County Democrats:

Your #1 Priority is finding and funding a candidate to run against crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin next election.