Friday, June 4, 2010

Re-Loading ... and Re-Filing our Ethics Complaint against Michael Donovan

As an astute commenter at our previous post pointed out, the Allentown Ethics Board's ludicrous June 2nd ruling on Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) Michael Donovan being "Not Guilty of Anything" was a lot like umpire Jim Joyce's tragically blown call at first base this week that cost Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game.

It's a good analogy. Our case, our logic, our evidence, and especially our presentation against Cedar Crest College Ethics Professor (for now) Mike Donovan were all perfect. Quite simply (like umpire Jim Joyce), the Allentown Ethics Board just flat-out blew the call, and in plain sight of everyone. Ump Jim Joyce feels awful about his glaringly obvious screw-up. The Allentown Ethics Board (Big Difference) could not care less about theirs. But this is not a problem, because we'll be refiling our perfecto complaint against Donovan, and in those inevitably upcoming "extra innings," the Allentown Ethics Board will have no choice but to correct their glaring error and make the right call.

Here's how this is gonna work, easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. In post blown-call news reports on 69 News and in The Morning Call "newspaper," the Allentown Ethics Board is quoted as saying that Allentown's Ethics Code needs to be updated to acknowledge the cyber realities of Allentown elected officials like O'Hare-Duped Dunce Donovan using (and abusing) social media such as blogs, Facebook, etc. We couldn't agree more ... and so ... we're gonna assertively hold the Allentown Ethics Board accountable on this-- that is, we're gonna (politely yet persistently) insist that they write new "Cyber Ethics Codes" in 90 days or less. Yep. And hey, if they're really serious about updating the Ethics Code, 90 days seems perfectly do-able to us. And if they disagree, or try to avoid their own published advice to themselves, we'll want to know why, and we'll of course have ongoing reports for you exclusively (natch) here at LVS. In an email to the Allentown Ethics Board Board today, we've already asked them when the citizens of Allentown can expect to take delivery on their new & improved "Cyber Ethics Codes" and that we'll be checking back in w/ them regularly on their progress. So the selfless and civic-minded ball is already rolling on our end ... and please, no standing ovations, please take your seats again and remain on the sheepish Swiss sidelines until something like this is perpetrated on you.

2. O'Hare-Duped Dunce Donovan will of course refuse to delete any of the hundreds of vile, sadistically cruel, and libelous anti-Villas comments at his blog that were posted and signed by Chris Casey and Bernie O'Hare and that Donovan so "sincerely" (wink wink) expressed concern about on 69 News where Donovan (w/ a straight face) alleges these hundreds of comments maybe "accidentally" (wink wink) slipped past his faulty manual comment moderation system for several weeks, w/ out mentioning this un-civilly telling comment from Donovan hisself: "I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read." Whatever. We have hard copy if he does delete them.

3. We re-file our ethics complaint against Donovan citing the new Cyber Ethics Codes and Mike Donovan is called "out" at home. And at City Council. Parking Authority. AEDC. Arts Commission. And Cedar Crest College. Just sayin'. Heck, we'll even give "Trexlertown Chris & Nazareth Bernie" another chance to address the ALLENTOWN Ethics Board and B.O. can sit next to his pal Chuck Fonzone on the dais. Won't matter. Because under the City's new Cyber Ethics Codes, outrageous cyber transgressions by an Allentown elected official, like what Donovan did to us, will be actionable. For example, now a noteworthy "no no" will include ...

a) Blog-inflicting emotional distress upon grief-stricken Allentown families

b) sadistic cruelty, e.g., alleging necrophilia participation w/ deceased offspring

c) criminal harassment

d) libel

e) threatening to boycott/disrupt Allentown art performances

... and so forth, and so on, and herewith, and get on this for us ASAP, would ya JJ?

But wait just a second there Billy Boy, you might say, how about a statute of limitations? Or how about the Ethics Board just plain rigs it so that you CAN'T refile your complaint against Donovan?!

Well, I say, we'll find a way around that too, if and when we have to, and if the Allentown Ethics Board is brazen (and dumb) enough to even try blocking the reentry door on moi.

Bottom Line: The Villas always find a way to win and we'll win this one too, easily, and w/ typical Villas panache, so you keep watchin'.