Friday, July 2, 2010

Morning Call Lays 'Kid Glove' on DA Jim Martin (right) for Quadruple Homicide

For the first time since DA Jim Martin was appointed DA in 1998, The Morning Call "newspaper" has published an article that is mildly negative and soft pedal critical of DA Martin (scour the Morning Call archives as we have; you won't find anything even remotely negative or critical about their pal Jim Martin).

Only took 5 brutal murders to get their attention focused on Jim Martin's incompetence.

UpDate: Somebody other than LVS has finally stepped up to challenge DA Jim Martin: Meet Ed Koren.Visit: Ed Koren website.

Crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin has not faced a political challenger at the polls since 1999.

Martin, a Republican, ran unopposed in 2003, and again in 2007.

It's high time for a change this year on election day in November 2011.

Here's why ...