Tuesday, August 31, 2010

D'Amore & Donovan: Dumb & Dumber

9/2 UpDate: Morning Call "newspaper" pulls its punches and shields crony D'Amore from scrutiny, like how they do it w/ Jim Martin. Contrast The Morning Call's crony-colluding coverup w/ the fair & balanced, accurate, astute, and D'Amore-revealing coverage by excellent reporter Stephanie Esposito and 69 News.

The City Official said...

Bill and Angie, I know there was a second "controversial confrontation" at City Council last night that was also met w/ stony silence. I'm assuming 69 News captured that episode? Any idea when it will be shown?

9/1 UpDate: Incredibly, and dumb-foundingly, there is no follow-up story on this in today's 100% Integrity-Free Morning Call "newspaper" so far.

8/31: Read/Watch Morning Call "newspaper" 'quickie coverage' of a truly shocking story. More coming later, we hope ...?

Blogger Mrs. Dottie said...

WOW, as fast as Allentown Mayor Pawlowski is ATTRACTING new businesses here, that's how quickly City Councilors D'Amore & Donovan are DRIVING THEM AWAY!

Blogger Bill Villa said...

What D'Amore and Barron were trying to manipulate on AUG 10 at T-Mobile was a gross abuse of position and an interference in a management/worker issue they had no business sticking their official noses into. They both should get booted out of their positions (and out of our sight) ASAP.