Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stop Killing The Messenger Bill Villa

Although taking it very slowly, and playing it very safely, WFMZ-TV 69 News in Allentown has courageously started to reveal the details of concerted efforts to stop me from telling my fellow citizens what I've learned about corruption in Lehigh County-- specifically its crooked and incompetent criminal justice system, and a crony-colluding "newspaper" and allied local blogosphere that purposefully conceals the truth, and proactively co-perpetrates social injustices against innocent and civic-minded people, like Angie and me, who dare to speak truth to power.

69 News's 9/2 online coverage is just the tip of a large and complex iceberg of a story. But it's a good place to start reading if you're interested in organized social injustices that could easily be perpetrated against you too. Click on this link to read: Allentown Council Struggles With Freedom Of Speech Issue.

The family of Sheena Villa is extremely grateful to 69 News for the many hours they've spent researching our findings of collusion-- even if 69 News ultimately decides against reporting any deeper [Update: 69 "News" did abandon its Villas-favorable reporting pretty quickly]. We have no doubt 69 "News" will be pressured to cease and desist their coverage of our injustice issues. This pressure will come from the same local abuse of power monopolies we've been endeavoring to expose, dismantle, and upgrade-- namely, The Morning Call, and unopposed Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin.

If you'd like to learn more and learn it more quickly than 69 News may report it, please research our blog's right sidebar "Exposé Wall Of Shame" content ... as 69 News has been doing for several months now.

We guarantee you our colluding corruption findings will curl your hair, and turn your stomach. Hopefully they will also piss you off enough to motivate you to join us-- we could use your help, especially on election days.

Thanks for reading with an open mind.

And as you're reading, try to imagine all this happening to you and your family.

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