Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is Gerald Zahorchak a Raving ("Outsider") Lunatic?!

That's obviously what The Morning Call "newspaper" wants you to think.

Why else would they make the deliberate editorial decision to use this loony photo of Allentown's new School District Superintendent "bullying beloved locals" in their online "news story" today?

Here's another why else ... because a cRaZy photo like this attracts eyeballs the same way a Nick Nolte or Lindsay Lohan mug shot does. The Morning Call purposefully created this unfair and unbalanced photo montage to sell "newspapers."

Here we Allentonians all are, grappling with a complex and important socio-economic issue, the education of our children, and Allentown's monopoly "newspaper" is thinking only of itself and its own economic survival. How f'n pathetic is this?

And their laughably transparent agenda of course is pandering to the know-it-all native elders who "read" their "newspaper" in the suburbs and have everything in Allentown all figured ott already once.

Let's all take a deep breath, watch 69 News's fairer and more balanced report, and take some time to sort all this ott. Once.