Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Suspect DA James Martin Ballot Petitions Will Face Court Challenge on March 18

DA Jim Martin's longtime assistant Merrily Starkey was the notary on all but one of DA Jim Martin's 50+ ballot nomination petitions.

As reported in The Morning Call "newspaper" on November 18, 2010, Merrily Starkey has been DA Jim Martin's assistant for "more than a decade" (touchingly, DA Jim "choked up" when thanking Starkey).

Q. How "impartial" could Merrily Starkey have been in ensuring the validity of DA Martin's ballot petitions, considering that her continued employment depends on DA Martin's reelection?

That's the question Lehigh County President Judge Carol K. McGinley will be charged w/ deciding this Friday.

* See today's Morning Call "newspaper" article.

* See today's 69 News report.

* See today's coverage by The Express-Times.

FYI, Judge Carol McGinley is a founding partner in the influential Lehigh County law firm, Gross McGinley (formerly Gross McGinley LaBarre & Eaton) whose clients include The Morning Call "newspaper."

Current Gross McGinley principal/partner and prominent (for now) Lehigh County "Democrat" (wink wink) Malcolm J. Gross is a member of the fundraising Host Committee, Committee to Elect (Republican) DA Jim Martin, as was announced on the invitation for a Wednesday, March 3, 2011, $250 per person fundraiser for DA Martin attended by Governor Tom Corbett and hosted by Bill and Phyllis Grube at 3015 Barrington Lane in Allentown. Special Thanks to the Lehigh County registered voter who hand-delivered hard copy to my house today.

Gross McGinley principal/partner Malcolm J. Gross also attended the sentencing hearing for Robert LaBarre (Robert LaBarre killed my daughter Sheena) and publicly pledged his unwavering and unequivocal support for Robert and Don LaBarre. Personally, I'll never forget the pleasant "thud" sound of Mal Gross's slack jaw hitting the floor when Judge Steinberg announced Bobby LaBarre's 5.5 to 12 year state prison sentence but I digress.

Such a small (and crony cozy) world around here, eh?

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