Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DA Jim Martin pussies out, drops the major charge (again) and takes the easiest route

Readers, even The Morning Call "newspaper" can't look (totally) the other way on this one ...

Attempted homicide charge withdrawn against Peaches; others waived to court

As "reporter" Manny Gamiz notes:

District Attorney ... did not give details on why the most serious charge against Campbell ["Peaches"] was withdrawn.

Manny, I'll tell you why.

It's the longstanding M.O. of our long un-opposed DA Jim Martin to parade serious charges around for the media, at first, but then to drop the major charges and passively go for a conviction on much lesser charges because that's much easier to get. It's like only shooting layups and never attempting a 3-pointer. But this way, at election time, under-achieving DA Jim (hiccup) Martin can brag about his "high percentage" conviction rate. Screw those crime victims and their families who wanted a shot at justice. DA Jim Martin is the Monty Hall of let's make a plea deal w/ criminals.

Lehigh County voters, don't get fooled (again).