Saturday, June 30, 2012

Confessed killer Andrew Gesslein set free, via DA Jim Martin's dirty 'Bait & Switch' charade

[Updated: July 6] Related Story
Early in the morning on June 29, less than 24 hours after Edna Gesslein told Judge Steinberg under oath that ...
she was $5,000 short on the $15,000 she needed for her husband's bail, Edna Gesslein paid the $15K bail and Michael Randolph's confessed killer Andrew Gesslein walked out of Lehigh County Prison, free (for now).

There are so many excellent questions that deserve to be answered here, LVS-exclusively, so keep checking back, and don't expect any of these questions to be posed or answered (honestly) by our local media or anybody else in Lehigh County.

For example ...

* Did Andrew Gesslein's wife Edna Gesslein commit perjury on June 28 (a la George Zimmerman's wife) when she told Judge Steinberg she was $5,000 short on the $15,000 bail?

* Was Judge Robert L. Steinberg snookered into not raising Andrew Gesslein's bail beyond the ludicrously low recommendation of $15,000 thinking that Edna Gesslein wouldn't be able to raise all of the $15,000? Or was Judge Steinberg in on an incredible Team Martin/Gesslein charade and just playing along?

* Does First Assistant District Attorney and prosecutor Steven Luksa have prior knowledge via his boss DA Jim Martin that "the fix is in" on this case?

* Did an interested benefactor, e.g., the National Rifle Association (NRA) put up the shortfall $5,000 overnight and had they already successfully pressured DA Jim Martin into not filing the appropriate criminal charge in this case, 2nd degree murder, like George Zimmerman got for killing Trayvon Martin?

* If Judge Robert L. Steinberg was snookered by Edna Gesslein, will Steinberg rectify the situation on July 6 at Andrew Gesslein's 10:00am Preliminary Hearing and re-set Gesslein's bail at DA Steven Luksa's suggested price of "one million dollars?"

* When will Al Sharpton's National Action Network take action on the Michael Randolph killing and cover-up in progress?

Stay tuned, LVS has a phone call in to First Assistant District Attorney Steven Luksa for comment, so far no response.

Update > 69 "News" (after getting a taunting email from us) has finally thrown up a bare minimalist article on Gesslein going free, 5 hours after LVS broke the story here exclusively and we were a day late.

Update > Nothing on "Gesslein Goes Free" in The Express-Times.

UpDate > Readers, look how clandestinely and curiously The Morning Call "newspaper" has chosen to cover the matter of "ANDREW GESSLEIN GOES FREE" which occurred early Friday morning, June 29.

Nearly 12 hours after LVS broke the story here exclusively on Saturday June 30 at 9:30am, at 8:00pm-ish Saturday night June 30, The Morning Call retroactively buried this single sentence ...

"Gesslein was released after posting $15,000 Friday, court records show."

... deep within their article that was originally published online 2 days earlier, late Thursday afternoon, on June 28.

See paragraph 11, last sentence > Prosecutor: Security guard charged in club killing lied about police service

Wow. This is really dirty.
DA Jim Martin's press agent, The Morning Call "newspaper" is concealing from the public any whiff of the putrid stench and purposefully unanswered questions surrounding Andrew Gesslein's sneaky release from prison.

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