Friday, July 6, 2012

Is Andrew Gesslein headed to trial ... or to another DA Jim Martin 'bargain' plea deal?

[Updated: 7/6, 11:30pm]

Check back for LVS's eyewitness report and analysis on Friday's 10:00am preliminary hearing.

In the meantime, here's how our local media is spinning it ...
and they keep changing their stories, possibly via phone call edit prompts from DA Jim Martin, so LVS is waiting until they're all done spinning to post our full report. Thanks for your patience.

DA Jim Martin's Local Media Coverage

69 News (69's error-riddled story has been revamped, extensively, 4X so far, as late as their 10:30pm Friday broadcast, via 69 News's new courtroom "reporter" Randy Kraft, formerly of The Morning Call "newspaper")

The Express-Times (numerous story changes still ongoing as of 7:41pm Friday including a major glaring error caught/emailed by LVS and immediately corrected by the ET, with no "thank you" to LVS)

The Morning Call (trying on different sensationalistic headlines for size and effect and still changing their online/mobile story as late as 11:26pm Friday)

LVS will say this (for now) ... Friday's prosecution witness testimony and subsequent flame-fanning by DA Jim Martin's lock-step local media, on the surface, seems to greatly help Andrew Gesslein's claim of "self-defense."

Q. Is anybody wondering why such damaging testimony that's so helpful to the criminal defendant was introduced at a preliminary hearing by the prosecution? By the DA's office?

Assistant DA/prosecutor Steven Luksa, your thoughts?