Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attention local artists!

Attention artists, here is an announcement from Joe Skrapits, Allentown Arts Commission:

"A private developer is planning to create affordable artists' studios in a building at 4th and Tilghman in Allentown. George Huang (the developer) called me last night to say he will be presenting his plans for the building at a zoning hearing board meeting this Monday, August 18, at 7pm in City Council chambers at City Hall. George has already developed a successful studio building in Yonkers, NY, and he's going through the permitting process in Allentown now. He needs a variance from zoning because the building lacks the required number of off-street parking spaces.

This project will be a great stimulus to Allentown's arts scene. Located in the same area as the Silkwerks, Green Street Dreams, and Gregory and Kiki's building on Washington St., George's building will bring even more artists to the NoTi ("north of Tilghman"--thanks, Gregory) district. If this keeps snowballing, NoTi could become Allentown's first "creative arts" district (versus the institutional arts district downtown), and our test case for showing the city how the arts can transform a once neglected neighborhood."