Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glenn Kranzley refused Bill Villa a "Welcome Mat" meeting 229 times to shield DA Martin

Glenn Kranzley is the former longtime editorial and opinions editor, and VP, at The Morning Call "newspaper."

These days he's a freelancer who also teaches "journalism" part-time at Lehigh University with Morning Call cronies that include Lehigh U adjunct "journalism" professor Christine (Press Agent for Celebrity Criminals) Schiavo ... Lehigh U adjunct "journalism" professor and "opinion columnist" William "Bill" White ... and Lehigh U "journalism" professor and elusive Morning Call "editor" Wally Trimble [Note: we didn't knock Wally's tooth out.]

Kranzley also moonlights ironically as an "instructor in communications" at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

But in happier times, Glenn G. Kranzley ruled the editorial and opinions roost at The Morning Call w/ a fist as stubbornly inflexible as iron.

Kranzley was especially powerful and influential as a member of the (now disbanded and defunct) Morning Call Editorial Board that annually and magnanimously boasted (in print) of having its:

"welcome mat always out for those who want to be heard." [See: paragraph 4 ]

FYI, I was one of "those who wanted to be heard."

My first born, and only daughter, Sheena Villa, was killed by the son of a prominent Allentown attorney who is a partner in the politically over-connected Allentown law firm, Gross McGinley, that has represented The Morning Call for many years.

I had some questions about the favoritism tactics being employed by sometime Gross McGinley client and Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin regarding several cases I had been following closely, in addition to my daughter Sheena's case.

In October 2007, Morning Call Investigations Editor Tim Darragh discussed my questions w/ me over the phone, for two hours, and told me my questions were ...

"excellent questions that deserved to be answered."

Although answers (acquired via Morning Call investigative reporting) would have been nice, at the time I was willing to settle for just discussing my excellent questions with The Morning Call Editorial Board after politely wiping my feet on their extended-to-everyone-else-who-wanted-to-be-heard welcome mat.

In all, Glenn Kranzley rejected 229 polite email requests from me for a "welcome mat" meeting w/ his Editorial Board.

Along the way, Kranzley also rejected numerous outreaches from City and County elected officials questioning him as to why he was denying me a meeting. Incredibly, Kranzley even blew off a gracious offer from then Chairman of the Lehigh County Commissioners, Percy Dougherty, PhD who volunteered to act as a moderator at a "welcome mat" meeting involving The Morning Call Editorial Board and myself.

Kranzley's only communication to me on this was a purposefully inflammatory 2-word email saying, "We'll pass."

Team Martin gatekeeper Kranzley's overt wagon-circling was briefly 'challenged' by the Lehigh Valley blogosphere. Kranzley's response was to invite most of the 'dissenting' bloggers to become affiliated w/ The Morning Call "newspaper" and have their blogs featured on The Morning Call's website. Predictably, all of the publicity-aquiver bloggers' challenging questions stopped immediately and their allied and malicious 'straw party' litigation led by diminutive Morning Call blogger, election loser, and attorney (for now) David C. Najarian started soon after but was ultimately defeated by us in court. Sadly, Morning Call-affiliated malice and harassment against us continues. Ditto DA Jim Martin's Villa Vendetta and The Morning Call purposefully looking the other way on phony trumped-up criminal charges that were rigged against me by DA Jim Martin and Tom Corbett but were ultimately defeated by us in court.

In the two years since Glenn Kranzley's karmatic shit-canning, I've succeeded in answering most of my own excellent questions about DA Jim Martin's tactics ... definitively.