Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gross McGinley attorney Patrick J. Reilly pulverized by Bill Villa & Sheena Squad

Sheena Squad: Thanks to your blitzkrieg of phone calls, Judge Steinberg has ruled in our favor. On October 22, 2012, Gross McGinley attorney Pat Reilly argued that ... 
his client and Sheena's killer Robert LaBarre [Criminal Docket] should not have to pay Sheena's death bed hospital bill, even though the PA Superior in 2008 ruled that he must. Attorney Pat Reilly argued that Sheena's mother and I should have to pay the death bed hospital bill that Robert LaBarre created when he killed Sheena or that LaBarre's PA Superior Court-mandated restitution should be forgotten. And, it being crony-crooked Lehigh County, who knows how Judge Steinberg may have ruled without your blitzkrieg of phone calls to his office demanding that he do the right thing for a change. So high five to everyone who called, and thank you, again, for keeping our streak of Villas Victories unbroken. 

It should be noted ... in his argument that Sheena's killer Robert LaBarre should not have to reimburse Sheena's mother and me for Sheena's death bed hospital bill that his client Robert LaBarre created when he killed Sheena, Gross McGinley "attorney" Pat Reilly presented a case to the court that likened our loss of Sheena to "$7,900 in property damage."  

I will personally inform all Gross McGinley clients about Team Gross McGinley LaBarre's latest shameful and sadistic attempt at punishing Sheena's family for our assertiveness, and I will meet with Robert LaBarre's parole officer to arrange for LaBarre's regularly scheduled restitution payments to begin asap. 

FYI: Lehigh County DA Jim Martin originally failed to notify Sheena's family about the October 22, 2012 Motion to Amend Restitution Hearing where Gross McGinley attorney Pat Reilly argued that Robert LaBarre's restitution responsibilities should be forgotten (they subsequently mailed a notice for me to sign and return after I had called the DA's Office telling them I knew about the hearing and would be attending; they also subsequently invited (begged, actually) my civil attorney Jerry McHugh to attend as well, phoning him late on a Friday afternoon about a Monday morning hearing), same way DA Jim Martin never notified Sheena's family about a bargain plea deal hearing that DA Jim Martin had secretly arranged with the LaBarre family (only) scheduled for February 2, 2007. In both cases, anonymous phone callers tipped us off and warned us to be in attendance in court. To those justice-minded anonymous phone callers, thank you, and please keep calling.  

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