Monday, June 7, 2010

Michael Donovan Ethics Board Whitewash

Watch WFMZ-TV 69 News's courageous coverage of the Allentown Ethics Board's shameful dismissal of our Ethics Complaint against Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) W. Michael Donovan.

Then contrast & compare it w/ The Morning Call "newspaper's"
skillfully incomplete coverage (curiously, no online comments were allowed) and the deceit-laden (and again, comments-disabled) volunteer "offensive" by under-achieving Morning Call "columnist" Bill White.

It's like the "newspaper" is covering a totally different story.

In its 100% Integrity-Free reporting on the Ethics Board's ruling, The Morning Call actually quotes Chris Casey and [Redacted] as character witnesses for Donovan ... but somehow forgets on purpose to mention that these same two cretins, posting (and signing) vile comments at Donovan's blog, were responsible for Donovan getting hauled in front of the Ethics Board to begin with.