Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Judge Wanna-Be Adra Renee Smith Plays Fast & Loose w/ Judicial Codes Of Conduct

Lehigh County's 2nd-Best Friend To Drunk Drivers (trailing only her boss DA Jim (hiccup) Martin) is longtime Deputy DA Adra Renee Smith who expedites (as quickly and as leniently as possible) the majority of Lehigh County's DUI and DUI homicide cases.

Like this one, for example.

Recently, A. Renee invited our civic-minded wrath here at LVS by publicly announcing she wants to be a judge.

Her dishonor needs to bone up on this from The Pennsylvania Code Of Judicial Conduct:

Canon 7. Judges should refrain from political activity inappropriate to their judicial office.

A. Political conduct in general.

(1) A judge or a candidate for election to judicial office should not:

(b) ... publicly endorse a candidate for political office.

Readers, one of DA Jim Martin's 50+ suspect ballot petitions was circulated and signed by judicial candidate (for now) and DA Jim Martin violative public endorser, the dishonorable A. Renee Smith, which was then dutifully notarized by longtime "impartial" (wink wink) DA Jim Martin "assistant," and notary, Merrily Starkey.

Yep. "Team Martin/Corbett" makes up its own laws.

And while the measly 24 signatures A. Renee collected (during work hours?) reveals a typically lackluster A. Renee effort at hedging her bets just in case Boss Jimbo squeaks back into office where she'd get to keep her job after she loses her judge race, they're clearly a violation (X24) of Pennsylvania's Code Of Judicial Conduct.

[UpDate] The Judicial Conduct Board, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has issued a stern warning letter to Renee Smith about her blatantly unethical behavior [JCB Complaint No. 2011-184].

Oopsie. There goes the judge.

[UpDate] Renee Smith publicly sits on DA Jim Martin's reelection Host Committee, another blatant violation of the PA Code of Judicial Conduct for judges and judicial candidates. I'll be reporting this to the Judicial Conduct Board too.