Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lehigh Valley/AOL Patch Editor Mariella Savidge breaks ranks, praises Bill Villa/LVS

Email, Incoming, from former Morning Call "newspaper" reporter and current Lower Macungie Patch editor Mariella Savidge.

On June 22, 2011 at 2:16:46pm, Mariella Savidge wrote:

[Patch] it's a public forum and I believe in that. I know there has been
plenty of Patch evidence to the contrary in the past few days, but I have never taken down any of your comments ... I feel that I can tell you these things and that you and I have been able to discuss these things reasonably. I understand only a crumb of your grief and distrust of the system and the [un] fairness of how you were treated, but I believe there must be a way to shine a light on government, etc.

And I respect and trust you and your experience and opinions.

[Update] In an email dated October 24, 2011, Patch's VP of "Communications" (for now) Janine Iamunno wrote: "Mr. Villa, we've suspended [i.e., comment-muzzled] your Patch account." Editor's Note: Not surprising, I guess, that Lehigh Valley Patch's mostly ex-Morning Call editors would borrow a page from the Morning Call's truth-muzzling playbook to shut me up and protect DA Jim Martin.

[Update] In an email dated February 8, 2012, Patch's VP of "Communications" (for now) Janine Iamunno wrote: "Mr. Villa, please remove my photo and the associated false claim of 'censorship' from your site immediately."


Bill Villa said...

Email, Outgoing, to Jerry Brahm, cc'd to Susan Koomar, Mariella Savidge, Janine Iamunno.

On June 25, 2011 at 10:01 am Bill Villa wrote ...

Subject Heading: Facts/Truth Muzzling @ LV Patch

Jerry, you owe me an apology.

Your choice: in writing, or in-person.

When can I expect it ...

Bill Villa

Anonymous said...

Q. When will "community" public radio station WDIY invite Bill Villa on-air to tell his story?

After all, WDIY has graciously hosted on-air numerous card-carrying members of "Team Jim Martin" already ... such as Bill White ... where's the equal time for the Villa family?

Bill Villa said...

We've reached out to WDIY repeatedly but they've always blown us off.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Dottie said...

FYI, the local trend of blowing us (and our verifiable facts) off was started by The Morning Call's Dave Erdman and Glenn Kranzley.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why the Express Times newspaper doesn't go after Jim Martin by "shining a light" on the Villas' dirty facts on Martin...what do THEY have to lose?

Bill Villa said...

Excellent question.

But the bigger (regional/national) story here is the Lehigh Valley media's (and now AOL Patch's) deliberate concealing, quashing, and muzzling of our damaging and verifiable facts on DA Jim Martin, a story that's bound to catch somebody's eye regionally or nationally. Just a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

How curious is it that the entire Lehigh Valley blogosphere, a "cooperative" known for blog warring, kissing and making up, and blog warring again, and linking to and even running each other's stories, unanimously ignores (and never disputes) the Villa's dirty facts on DA Jim Martin, while some (Casey, Najarian, Molovinsky, Donovan, and others) even attempt to proactively sabotage the Villa's exposé efforts. This is an incredible sideline story. It seems the more right the Villas are proven over time, the more these "anonymous" cyber stalkers dig in to oppose them.

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Bill Villa said...

Anon 2:00, well said.

Anonymous said...

Villas, nice to see Cedar Crest College President Carmen Twillie Ambar finally pictured and dissected on your right sidebar, 'bout time. Just sayin'.

On a related subject, I see that Cedar Crest College's BIO page on "W" Mike Donovan has been curiously removed recently ... hmm, has Cedar Crest finally shit-canned their nutty evil sadist "ethics" professor "W" Mike Donovan? Inquiring minds want to know.

Bill Villa said...

We'll try to find out on Monday.

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Bill Villa said...


aLVobserver at 7:42 AM June 27, 2011

D.A. Martin goes after bath salts but he lets a convicted murderer free on parole to kill again. Now there's a D.A. who has his priorities backwards. Michael Ballard was in prison -- for a Lehigh County murder-- and up for parole at his minimum sentence. The Parole Board contacted Jim Martin, and explicitly told him that, if he failed to respond, it would be a vote for parole for Ballard. D.A. Jim Martin failed to respond. Michael Ballard then killed four more people. Maybe if the Parole Board wrote about bath salts, D.A.Martin would have responded. Jim Martin goes after bath salts and let's murderers go free. Incredible.

Editor's Note: Related Story

McJudas said...

I wonder how many times The Morning Call "newspaper" will re-run this bath salts story to make D.A. Jim Martin look like "one tough prosecutor" in an election year?

June 24, 2011

June 26, 2011

Morning Call .. no interest in running this story?

LVS SiteMeter(R) Spotlight said...

Readers, The Morning Call "newspaper"; is spotted stalking LVS continuously, nearly 24 hours a day, every day, including weekends & national holidays, and these folks of course include DA Jim Martin water-carrying "columnist" Bill White, adorable DA Jim Martin lapdog Kevin Amerman, really determined truth concealer/"editor" Mike Miorelli, colluding and mortified "reporter" John Micek, deaf, dumb, and blind "reporter" Manny Gamiz, and DA Jim Martin bootlicker extraordinnaire, Paul Carpenter.

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LVS SiteMeter(R) Spotlight said...

Readers, not surprisingly, the IP address spotted stalking LVS for damaging and exposed facts most frequently these days is "" and these folks would of course include DA Jim Martin, "Executive Aide" (wink wink) Debbie Garlicki, County Executive (for now) Don Cunning-Ham, DA Jim Martin shield/sycophant/notary Merrily Starkey, Detective Dennis Steckel, and Chief Deputy DA Dog Renee Smith among others (e.g., judges McGinley, and Reibman). ;

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Bee Gee said...

Props to Mariella. She's definitely one of the best!

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Anonymous said...

"Props to Mariella. She's definitely one of the best!"

If Mariella Savidge was "one of the best" she'd be trumpeting Bill's exposé work on Jim Martin, in an election year, at Patch. I'm not holding my breath.

455 West Hamilton St. said...

Morning Call blowing Jim Martin
a kiss in today's "newspaper." I wonder if Jason Hoffman's "defense" (wink wink) attorney Angelo Almonti told his client he contributed to DA Jim Martin's reelection kitty recently.

Bill Villa said...

$500.00 on 2/7/11.

Anonymous said...

"I believe there must be a way to shine a light on government ..." -Mariella Savidge

Suggestion: put your money where your patronizing mouth is Mariella and make Bill Villa a Patch blogger and run his verifiably factual Jim Martin exposé stuff at Patch.

Anonymous said...

(almost forgot)

"And [Bill] I respect and trust you and your experience and opinions." -Mariella Savidge

Bill Villa said...

9/29, thanks for the suggestion.


Email, Outgoing, to Lehigh Valley Patch Regional Editor Susan Koomar (left), editorial gopher/hatchet "man" Jerry Brahm, Patch VP of Communications Janine Iamunno, and Lower Macungie Patch Editor Mariella Savidge.

On June 29, 2011 at 7:39am Bill Villa wrote ...

Recently, Lehigh Valley Patch publicly solicited for bloggers, and I applied, to all 11 local Patch editors, but I was ignored by 8 or 9 of them and denied by the rest. The reason I was given (by 2-3 in lock-step Lehigh Valley Patch editors via email) is because I live in Allentown ... and there's no Allentown Patch.

I told the Patch editors I was from "Lehigh County" and wanted to write on County-wide issues.

They told me Patch wanted their bloggers to write about issues specific to the area they lived in-- Emmaus bloggers writing about Emmaus stuff, South Whitehall bloggers writing about South Whitehall matters. Etc.

Patch then signed up Trexlertown blogger and admitted Villas cyber stalker Chris Casey to write about county-wide issues, and seemingly, whatever strikes his quasi-literate fancy.

See Chris Casey's poorly written Patch blog posts on May 17, 18, 23, and 31, 2011.

Q. What's with this glaringly exposed Double Standard?

And, what would be the down-side of enlisting me to write about DA Jim Martin for Patch in an election year?

Bill Villa

P.S. Mariella, you promised me a follow-up phone call last week. I'm still waiting ...