Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ed Koren's new 'haymaker' TV commercial has Team DA Jim Martin wetting its panties

Watch Ed Koren's Hard-Hitting New TV Spot #2 and Ed Koren's "Bio" Spot #1.

Then watch 69 News's carefully edited, and totally rigged, 2-Part, Ed Koren vs. Jim Martin "debate" that Ed Koren still wins handily, even w/ both hands tied behind his back by an obviously DA Jim Martin damage-controlling 69 News that, with this John Craven produced segment has, sadly, proven itself to be as crony-cozily in the bag for Jim Martin as is 69 News's cross-town cahoots club colleague, The Morning Call "newspaper."

10/26, 7:30 pm UpDate: Readers, "Part 2" of the Ed Koren vs. Jim Martin "rigged debate" that was originally broadcast on 69 News at 6:00 pm yesterday was, curiously, not originally included in 69 News's online version that we link to above. LVS today inquired as to why "Part 2" was omitted from 69 News's online version, and a 69 News spokesperson told us via email that "the person doing the posting wasn't paying attention and didn't realize the two parts were distinct. I'm told it's all in one piece now. If you play the video, part one plays into part two." A plausible explanation that we don't buy for a second. "Part 2" was purposefully omitted, in our opinion, because 69 News's longtime pal DA Jim Martin comes off like an embarrassingly tired and cranky old gas bag alkie in Part 2, while his challenger Ed Koren comes off like one tough former cop, and modern lawyer, who will make a great Lehigh County District Attorney. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 that now immediately follows Part 1 (thanks to LVS) and you'll see what we mean, and take note of the obvious "rigging" and futile attempts at Jim Martin damage control by the Dick Dean-owned 69 News > Part 1 & Part 2 [Note: 69 News has it rigged so that our links to their Part 1 & Part 2 rigged debate won't work via some smart phones so please use your desktop or laptop]