Thursday, September 8, 2011

DA Jim Martin is the Monty Hall of 'Let's Make a Plea Deal' w/ Criminals

[Attorney Gavin P. Holihan responds, see comments]

Clyde Lont shot David Rivera 7 times, and killed him.

Clyde Lont's pre-meditated lookout helper Matthew Hendricks was convicted at trial of only third degree murder (notice how The Morning Call's helpful headline up-plays it as just "murder.")

"Amazingly" (in the word of sentencing Judge James T. Anthony), 7-time shooter/murderer Clyde Lont was somehow able to make one heck of a "bargain" (again, Judge Anthony's word) sweetheart plea deal w/ DA Jim Martin:

Triggerman Clyde Lont only got third degree murder, too.

You can read LVS's exclusive exposé on DA Jim Martin's mockery of justice, here ...


Readers, the criminal defense attorney who arranged Clyde Lont's "amazing" "bargain" plea deal w/ DA Jim Martin is Gavin P. Holihan.

Gavin P. Holihan sits on the Host Committee of the Committee to Reelect Jim Martin District Attorney.


I have the 'smoking gun' hard copy to prove it, if anyone from the local media would like to examine it.