Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Message Does This Election Send?

DA Jim Martin's re-election would not have been possible without the countless and priceless collusions of The Morning Call "newspaper" [w/ a dishonorable mention to "reporter" Kevin Amerman] and the Dick Dean-owned 69 "News."

The profound shame is how The Morning Call "newspaper" and 69 "News" keep cheerleading for Jim Martin, never questioning him, never challenging him, and never publishing anything negative about him without preemptively adding a Martin-helpful excuse. After 14 years of Jim Martin truth concealing, they've succeeded in comprehensively bamboozling the "Super Voters" who re-elected Jim Martin on Tuesday. It's going to be hard to de-throne Jim Martin and his crony-crooked combination of Good Ol' Boy dough, the local lapdog media monopoly in his back pocket, and 28,000 media-bamboozled Super Voters. We need another qualified opposition candidate to step up again. And most importantly, we need citizens to fully fund that candidate next election (Martin spent nearly $200K+ retaining his throne). Otherwise, Jim Martin's got the DA job until he chokes on a cheese steak at Seward's and explodes or smashes head-on into a bridge driving drunk.

If The Morning Call "newspaper" and 69 "News" had reported honestly on even 10% of what this blog has exposed about Jim Martin over the past 3 years (see LVS's right sidebar content), we believe this election would have had a very different outcome. 

Spend some time here reading our inconvenient and verifiable facts and we're sure you'll agree.