Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Attorney" (for now) David Najarian Loses "Harassment" Scheme vs Bill Villa in Court

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 On Thursday 12/3/09, Magisterial District Judge Robert C. Halal pronounced me Not Guilty of the phony/fixed summary "harassment" charges that were rigged against me by DA Jim Martin and AG Tom Corbett, District Judge Rod Beck, and DA Jim Martin ally and attorney (for now) David C. Najarian (left), a Lynn Township Supervisor and an aspiring Lehigh County Commissioner who is running (for now) as part of an extremist right-wing "team" that includes Scott Ott, Vic Mazziotti, and Lisa Scheller and is endorsed by Allentown mayoral hopeful and Morning Call-affiliated hate blogger Mike Molovinsky. 

UpDate: Thanks to LVS, Najarian Loses Election

Victory is the Best Revenge

Readers, let me bullet-point this for you (and BTW, that's not a "threat," Dave, as you found out in court on 12/3/09), here's what we've learned ...

* Attorney (for now) David Najarian, Lynn Township Supervisor, who represented himself in court on 12/3/09 is a really lousy lawyer (for now) w/ an erratic employment history.

* Dull Dave's also about five feet, four inches tall (max). Napoleon Complex. Just sayin'.

* The original judge in the case, Slatington District Magistrate Rod Beck, removed hisself from judging Najarian's bogus "criminal" complaint against me because of a slight, um, well, conflict of interest-- you see, Judge Rod Beck sits on the Lynn Township Recreation Committee, a position appointed by the Lynn Township Supervisors, of which (and what are the odds?) Dave Najarian is one of those Supervisors. How crony cozy. Sadly, Judge Rod Beck did not man up and remove hisself from our case voluntarily. Nope. Judge Rod Beck had to have his glaring conflict of interest pointed out to him by my lawyer. Yeah. And then Dave Najarian pally/Judge Rod Beck stepped aside. Grinding his teeth. So was a total crony cozy mockery of justice ambush adroitly de-railed by the good guys again? You be the judge.

* Curiously, crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin was not the legal authority who approved Dave Najarian's phony "criminal" complaint against me. Instead of tossing Najarian's frivolous and vexatious "criminal" complaint in the trash can where it belonged, perpetually unopposed DA Jim Martin seized upon the Bill Villa vendetta opportunity and cleverly cited a "conflict of interest" and arranged for Dave Najarian's transparently meritless "criminal" complaint against me to be investigated and (incredibly) approved by the Office of the Pennsylvania State Attorney General Tom Corbett, to whom DA Jim Martin contributes many thousands of campaign dollars to each year from his Committee To Re-Elect Jim Martin slush fund [Source: Lehigh County Voter Registration]. To repeat: Pennsylvania State Attorney General Tom Corbett's office investigated and approved Dave Najarian's "criminal" complaint that I had (accurately) called Najarian a "pussy" in a 2008 blog comment. Yep. How's that for a productive use of your taxpayer dollars, courtesy of DA Jim (hiccup) Martin.

* "Team Donovan/Pooley" Blog Troll/Turd Chris Casey and some old codger/blogger ("RS") who giggled out loud every time my daughter Sheena's death was mentioned, under his breath, and about 10 feet behind me, to provoke me, were in attendance cheering on Dave Najarian against the evil me. It didn't help. Quite the contrary. After I won, one of the two security cops standing guard warmly expressed his condolences to me about Sheena and asked me, "Hey who were those two guys? I saw the (totally) bald one (Casey) was making faces at you and provoking you during the hearing." Which Casey was. The cops thought Najarian's peanut gallery blogging buddies were cretin idiots. Which they are.

* My sharp lawyer ripped Dave Najarian apart and to shreds. Frontwardz, Backwardz, Sidewardz, and every which way. It was the most personally satisfying mauling I'd seen (in person) since Game 6 of the 2009 World Series.

* Nothing (zip, zilch, zero) in Dave Najarian's complaint against me qualified as "harassment" and Judge Halal agreed. Sorry Jim. And Tom. Nothing better to do than collude to harass a grieving father on a justice mission, eh?

* Everything in attorney Dave Najarian's private criminal complaint against me was either a gross misrepresentation or a flat-out lie, and it's against the law to lie on a sworn affidavit even if you're an attorney. For now.

* Next Stop: Abuse of Process/Malicious Prosecution. [Deadline to file: 12/2/11]

Stay tuned, as we now switch from winning defense to winning offense and go after attorney (for now) Dave Najarian (legally) w/ both barrels ... while patiently awaiting the results of the Morning Call's "investigation."

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