Sunday, September 19, 2010

Morning Call ignores 69 News coverage of Villa/Donovan/Council "Free Speech" story

9/22 UpDate: Morning Call/Bill White's skittish response ...

Morning Call "newspaper" "reporter" Jarrett Renshaw has been present at all 6 of the Allentown City Council meetings I've spoken at since June 16.

But curiously, "Renshaw" and The Morning Call "newspaper" haven't published one word about any of my 6 emotionally charged appearances at City Council, and that's surprising.

Recently, my twice-monthly speaking engagements at City Council have been causing quite a newsworthy ruckus. On 9/15, I was ejected by the Allentown Police and on 9/9 I was physically assaulted by Council President Mike D'Amore. As a result, WFMZ-TV 69 News has been attending every City Council meeting too, because of me.

So far, 69 News has broadcast three (3), excellent and courageous reports informing Allentonians about what's going on, and 69 News has also done a ton of background research on the "story behind the story" here involving Lehigh County DA Jim Martin.

FYI: "Renshaw" always sits in the back of the room at City Council ... right next to Democratic Committee "man" from Trexlertown, Chris Casey, the blogger who posted 50% of the cruel and libelous comments cyber-terrorizing the Villa family at "W" Mike Donovan's blog all of March 2010, w/ Donovan's encouragement.


The "press," and the perpetrator sit side by side, proudly and publicly allied at City Council meetings, a
s the 7 scofflaw City Council cockroaches hissingly welcome them both, warmly, every meeting, as they give me icy dagger stares and summon the Police. Go figure. Only in Allentown.

Readers, it will be interesting to see if Muhlenberg College professor and helpful blog post "caller-outer" Jeff Pooley PhD will "call out" this blog post of ours on "69 News v. The Morning Call" and the "W" Mike Donovan "Free Speech" issue, since we are so deftly exposing corruption and collusion involving Allentown's only "newspaper" and our local blogosphere. Doctor/Blogger Pooley teaches courses on "media and communication" at Muhlenberg College (for now) and he should have a keen interest in all this. Truth is, Professor Pooley should be outspokenly outraged over all this.

BTW, we believe Dr. Pooley will have the "astute analysis" department all to hisself on this one as we don't anticipate him being "scooped" by anyone else in our local blogosphere. Just sayin'.

For admirably detail-oriented wonks interested in researching the truth (but too pissy pants pusillanimous to report on it), this isn't the first time The Morning Call "newspaper" has purposefully concealed the truth about "W" Mike Donovan while 69 News courageously told the truth about "W" Mike.

And for some disturbing insight into the staggering hypocrisy and collusion in our local blogosphere, read our right sidebar item entitled, "Take The Pooley Pledge," which Dr. Pooley (after pledging to take it) reneged on taking hisself.