Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Racist Opposition To Allentown Playground

Dour buttinsky Mike Molovinsky is a resident of the tony Allentown PA suburb of South Whitehall Township.

He doesn't live, or vote, in Allentown.

But trust fund slacker Mike Molovinsky is accustomed to getting his own way, dammit.

And Mikey does not want a proposed new Destination Playground [Watch Video!] at Allentown's Cedar Beach Park.

It's okay to put it "in their 'hood, but not ours," is the verbatim gist of all the tightly Molovinsky-moderated "discussion" on this hot topic at Mike Molovinsky's Morning Call newspaper-affiliated and awarded hate blog, Molovinsky on Allentown.

FYI, Mike Molovinsky ran very unsuccessfully for Mayor of Allentown in 2005 when he suffered a humiliating (and some say life-changing) 59% to 3% pummeling by popular Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski. Adding belly-laugh (3%!) insult to injury, out-of-office and discredited former Mayor Bill Heydt got 38% of the vote.

Back in 2005, hardly anybody (3%) was paying any attention to Mike Molovinsky and so the coded racism that dominated Molovinsky's Campaign Platform went mostly unnoticed.

Readers, we encourage you to pay close attention to Molovinsky's Campaign Platform now-- because it reveals Molovinsky's elitist and racist disdain for the poor while providing some context for Molovinsky's konstantly kvetching "sore loser" vendetta against compassionate and humanitarian Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawlowski.

Molovinsky's platform starts w/ a misspelled, fear-mongering acronym, "Save Our Sity," and then 10 of its 18 sentences are blatantly elitist and racist. Allow us to "translate" its main points for you and put Mike's already telegraph-obvious agenda in the spotlight ...

"We must recover from being the victim of Political Correctness." Translation: "My political inspiration, the late Allentown City Council woman Emma Tropiano had it right: WE MUST QUIT BEING SHY ABOUT BLAMING ALLENTOWN'S PROBLEMS ON THE HISPANICS."

"We can no longer tolerate being a poverty magnet ... We will no longer strive to win the national HUD award for making low-income homeowners. We will no longer strive to be the third largest city in Pa., necessitating a high rise prison." Translation: "Poor people are criminals; most hispanics are poor; do the math."

"Our current social programs are morally commendable, but unfair to the taxpayer. Social agencies should receive our gratitude, not our taxes." Translation: "Poor people don't pay any of the taxes "we" pay, so screw 'em."

"Public safety will mean police patrolmen, not multiple assistant chiefs attending national conferences." Translation: "We already know who and where the trouble-makers are (Emma told us), so let's stop "studying solutions" and start crackin' heads."

Readers, the Mike Molovinsky-led opposition to Allentown's proposed Destination Playground is obstructionist and racist mob-rule mentality nonsense.

It's akin to the loony racist "birthers" who recently forged a Kenyan birth certificate for President Obama and the RepubliCON opposition to anything Obama wants to accomplish for the American people, like healthcare reform, and having a wise latina on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Isn't it curious how quickly some white men in Congress and the Lehigh Valley can see "reverse racism" against white people, but fail to notice or call out explicit racism and hatred against Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, and other minorities-- which you can step in daily at local online "Klan Rallies" like The Morning Call Forum, Scott Armstrong's white-hooded Allentown Commentator chat room, and Molovinsky on Allentown.

On a related subject, we are saddened that Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) and Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor Michael Donovan (allegedly an educator? and a "liberal?") would ally so closely w/ Mike Molovinsky at his blog and give such unwarranted attention and approval to Molovinsky and his handful of loony, racist foot-dragger supporters who are against Equal Opportunity for all the children of Allentown, while deleting and muzzling a dozen legitimate comments of dissent at his ironically titled blog, "Inclusion."

Allentown, let's build that Destination Playground ASAP and Move Forward Together (well, most of us anyway).