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Cyber Stalker Threats Against Villas Ongoing (2017: Cousin Jeffrey Anthony 'Unites' Them)

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Cyberstalkers Keep Trying to Bully The Villas into Silence 

Villas Stalkers "United" as "Foes/Victims," 
By Cowardly Anonymous Libeling Cousin

Who is DA Jim Martin-Enlisted Affiant Jeffrey Anthony?

In 2016, despite having no standing or relevance in the case, my deranged narcissistic sociopath and judgement proof cousin, Jeffrey Anthony, "Synaptic Consulting," has been enlisted as a potential witness AFFIANT [SEE CONTRACT] by Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin via the law firm of Sprague & Sprague regarding the meritless and malicious, truth-muzzling civil litigation, "Martin vs. Villa." [Related Story] Note: Jeffrey Anthony's cousin is Lehigh County Judge James T. Anthony who has volunteered (via phone call to my attorney) to testify against DA Jim Martin on my behalf.

Since then, Team Martin/Sprague-enlisted affiant/saboteur Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting has been ...

* Friending, stalking, and "grooming" my employer at Facebook and emailing him in efforts to get me fired from my job (Jeffrey Anthony has also been cyber stalking, contacting, and "grooming" my employer's wife, son, and clients)

* Making out a false "911" report about me to the Allentown Police Department

* Harassing my attorney, repeatedly, and attempting to obstruct justice because of an unhinged obsession with a jury award of $3.1 Million Dollars to the Estate/Family of Sheena Villa

* "Uniting" known Villas antagonists & colluders (many of whom are quoted here), including those who've publicly threatened and endorsed aggravated assault/physical violence, see: "These are the seeds of dangerous physical injury"

* Libeling me (and my wife Angie) all over the internet (see verbatim quotes below) including at "Villas Victims United,"  WAEB/Facebook, Allentown School District Issues & Discussions/Facebook, Scribd, and two local hate blogs

* Colluding with a DA Jim Martin apologist press agent (who is barred by curiously unenforced court order from writing about me) in additional efforts to get me fired from my job

* Slandering me to members of my extended (Morrissey) family-- mostly frail female elders with already high blood pressure who he runs to (and elder abuses), daily, with inflammatory lies and distortions

If Sprague & Sprague and DA Jim Martin aren't authorizing and directing their enlisted affiant/saboteur Jeffrey Anthony's libelous criminal harassment endeavors against me, they are certainly approving them, or 'looking the other way' on them, since they are fully aware of Jeffrey Anthony's obstruction of justice activities, being regular/daily readers of Lehigh Valley Somebody.

And we assume that Jeffrey Anthony's wife (for now) and Parkland School District "teacher" Mary Ann Anthony similarly approves of her husband's sociopathic and sadistic sabotage endeavors.

On the plus side, it's quite apparent that DA Jim Martin has no case if he has to resort to enlisting smear tacticians like Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic "Consulting" and courthouse sycophants for red herring diversions from the verifiable facts & truth that were presented so eloquently and courageously here.

We're confident that Jeffrey Anthony's failed efforts, exposed to a judge & jury, will ensure us victory in both "Martin vs Villa" and in our subsequent countersuit against DA Jim Martin and Lehigh County.

Listed below are just a sampling of the many other Powers That Be/Allied provocations & intimidations that have been cyber-hurled our way since my daughter Sheena was killed in 2006, all in unsuccessful efforts to silence us-- and with my Morrissey "family" cousin Jeffrey Anthony's recent and vile quotes-for-hire in there too, where they belong, alongside the other Team Martin sadists and losers he has "united" in his curious and futile crusade against The Villas.

Anthology Of Cyber Stalker Threats  

"Bill Villa, I am glad your daughter is dead, and if she wasn't I would run her over myself."  -69 News Online/Facebook Comment  

"It's a good thing your daughter isn't around to see how much of an asshole her father is."-Email, October 24, 2017 from recent Allentown City Council candidate Shane Fillman

"He [Bill Villa] is a wimp ... big man ... for years you could google Scott Armstrong and see racist come up. So what!-Scott Armstrong, Disgraced & De-Throned (by LVS) Ex-Allentown School District Board Member [More Scott Armstrong at Facebook]

"Bill Villa, I am sure your daughter got what she had coming to her." -69 News Online/Facebook Comment

"Bill, this just isn't my fight. I don't want to get in the middle of it." 
-Robert Trotner, Administrator of the Facebook Group, "Let's Build The New Allentown Together," who routinely approves libelous comments by Jeffrey Anthony against the Villa family for publication

"Bill, I will not be participating in your case." -Lehigh County Judge James T. Anthony, email, 10/10/17, flip-flopping, breaking his promise, and reneging on his volunteer offer (to my attorney by phone) to testify against DA Jim Martin on my behalf-- instead, "Judge" Jim Anthony has publicly allied himself with DA Jim Martin-enlisted affiant/smear campaigner Jeffrey Anthony [Note: Judge Jimmy can still be ordered by the court to testify at our option, not his] Semper Fidelis? See you in court, your "Honor" 

" ... you will be reported to the South Whitehall and Allentown Police." -Mary Ann Anthony, 8/8/17 email [Note: On 2/14/16, Morrissey family members Jeffrey Anthony and Barbara George perpetrated a false 911 report (normally a felony) on me via the Allentown Police Department]

"[Bill Villa] needs to have his punk ass bitch ass kicked once and for all." 9/30/15 Anonymous Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [PDF provided upon request] 

"Perhaps we can reach detente?"  -Jeffrey Anthony's Rent-A-"Lawyer," Elliot Mark Olen, 10/26/17

"What God do you believe in?" -Sprague & Sprague "attorney" Jason Pearlman during 1/29/16 deposition of Bill Villa

[because you support your husband] "You are a wicked an evil woman, who was birthed from the loins of a jekyll." -Riley Schillaci, Facebook message to Angie Villa, 11/27/13

"Weep all you want for your dead daughter ... "-Rolf Oeler, Facebook message to Bill Villa, 1/25/12

"You are one sick Mother. What do you do,keep your daughter's dead body in the basement so you can whore it around like a trophy? You oughta call this the How I whore my dead daughter blog. I bet you masterbate on her everytime you mention the name of one of your enemies. You and your wife are two of the sickest fucks I have ever read. Get some help." -Anonymous Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [Reads like Rolf Oeler]

"Time and place buddy, let me know." -Anonymous emailer using forged/fake address 

"Your daughter would be ashamed of you." -Jeffrey Anthony (my sociopath cousin) email 9/18/15 [See Synaptic Video]

(Bill and Angie Villa) Another bunch of nuts ... Engage them long enough to make fools of them and then toss them aside." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) 9/17/15 @ Facebook [See Synaptic Video]

"Snapping at the heels of your betters like a rabid poodle inflates your ego rather engendering (sic) the sort of shame it would in normal people ... you are crazy ... you're not family ... take a poll of the Morrisseys;  you'll get the picture ... self-aggrandizing slimeball is the current general consensus ... shut up and go away ... go back to the cottage industry you've built around your daughter's death ..." -Jeffrey Anthony (my sociopath cousin) email 9/18/15 [See Synaptic Video]

"We do not share Sheena's fathers (sic) point of view ..." -Francesca Gallagher (my "sister"), allegiance-pledging email to DA Jim Martin, June 10, 2010 [Acquired Via Discovery, Martin vs. Villa

"(Bill Villa) ... (he's) not very bright at all -- as his lifelong inability to hold a job can attest." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [See Bill Villa Resume @ LinkedIn[See Synaptic Video]

" ... he got virtually nothing of that 3.1 million ... and really has nothing." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [Note: Jeffrey Anthony has no reliable information regarding the actual/confidential settlement amount nor The Villas net worth] [See Synaptic Video]

"WAEB continues to adamantly refuse to give equal (or even unequal) time to Villa's "Foes List" ... -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) 1/18/16 Public Comment @ WAEB Facebook Page Note: DA Jim Martin was invited on-air, repeatedly, to rebuke or disprove my opinions and verifiably factual statements. Martin never showed. Listen to my WAEB shows. [See Synaptic Video]

"You know (he) (Bill Villa) has a history of highly destructive substance abuse ..." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [Note: Bill V has been recovered and sober since July 26, 1987] [See Synaptic Video]

"Villa was for many years a deeply troubled alcoholic and illegal drug addict. One can't help but wonder whether that has left a mark on him mentally and may be at the root of his belligerent behavior."  -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) 1/24/16 comment @ Molovinsky On Allentown blog [Note: Bill V has been recovered and sober since July 26, 1987] [See Synaptic Video]

"You, I, and whomever (sic) else posted last night around 7 - 730ish really got under ... (Bill Villa's) ... skin." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [See Synaptic Video]

" ... poll the family ... The fool you made of yourself at [Sheena's] funeral ... is still frequently discussed in shocked and appalled tones ... Don't give me the 'grieving father' excuse ..." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) email 9/18/15 [See Synaptic Video]

"(My mother and your mother) think you're crazy as they have for some time. Maybe they'll think you're back on coke ... Seriously, are you back on the sauce and the dope?"-Jeffrey Anthony (my sociopath cousin) email 9/18/15 [See Synaptic Video]

Morrissey Family Christmas Party ... you were the object of a great deal of ridicule (not to mention reminiscences of your coke snortin' drunk drivin' days), I almost wished you were there." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) email 2/14/16 [Note: Bill V has been recovered and sober since July 26, 1987] [See Synaptic Video]

"The Morrissey Family is queued-up to testify as to your deranged behavior." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) email 2/17/16 [See Synaptic Video]

"Do you have any objection if we discuss your scofflaw history ... (coke bust, your DUIs, and the seven years you didn't file taxes) ... with your family? Your sons? And with your employer?" -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) email 2/14/16 [Note: Bill V has been recovered and sober since July 26, 1987, w/ one (1) expunged DUI in 1986, zero (0) coke busts, and zero (0) years of not filing taxes] [See Synaptic Video]

"There's a question that should be put into his employer's mind." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [See Synaptic Video]

"You still haven't answered the question as to which of your "Friends" you want us to interview. Can we assume your employers count as "Friends" of yours?" -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) email 2/14/16 [See Synaptic Video]

"My name is Jeffrey Anthony. I've just received a phone call from a cousin on my mother's side telling me of the conversation going on here. The anonymous comments @ 10:37 and @ 11:08 are his, not mine." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [See Synaptic video] [Note: The alleged anonymous colluding cousin comments @ 10:37 & 11:08 at a Lehigh Valley Hate Blog publicly named my employer; on 10/10/15, the Hate Blog author subsequently and deceitfully [and publiclyemailed my employer suggesting I be fired; I wasn't. Incredibly, my coddled cousin Jeffrey Anthony is allegedly suing me (?) for "defamation," i.e.,  for exposing him and his vile comments, publicly, by publishing them here. FYI, this isn't "defamation." It's typing.Inter-Related Story [See Synaptic Video]

"... losing a badly needed job might just bring a new perspective to his online activities." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Public Comment @ Lehigh Valley Hate Blog [See Synaptic Video]

"A number of us on your "Foes List" have put together an Exposé site we'll be going live with over the next week or so ( -- keep checking)."
 -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) email 2/14/16 [See Synaptic Video]

BV/Editor's Note: Jeffrey Anthony/Synaptic Publishing recklessly launched the libelous blog site "Bill Villa's Enemies List" in late December 2015 but then quickly deleted it before even announcing its existence, no doubt because of the immediate blowback from co-libelous bloggers including Mike Molovinsky who immediately deleted his libelous blog content on me that Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Publishing was libelously linking to. So much for "Villas Victims United" except as eventual co-defendants in my defamation action against them. See: Jeffrey Anthony's Defamatory Libel. -Related Victories

" ... the biggest threat to liberty ... may be unhinged lefties ... We have this creepy old former coke head in Allentown who publishes a "Foes List" ... what he does is smear them with lies ... in an effort to silence them ... and then goes after their families, employers ... etc." -Jeffrey Anthony(my sociopath cousin) Ironic & Telling 4/14/16 Comment @ My Employer's Facebook Page [Note: Bill V has been recovered and sober since July 26, 1987] [See Synaptic Video] 

"Too bad James Lauer wasn't a cop he would only get 6-24 months. Still beats that death sentence that whore you call a daughter got. Maybe some day I could be on your radio show." -Anonymous emailer using forged/fake address  

"So, is it true that you guys are going to lose literally everything when Martin bleeds you liars dry? Maybe you should have taken some of that money you won and got the mental help you both desperately need. Pathetic." -Facebook Message to Angie Villa from fake identity stalker, 9/24/15 

"Is that the best you could do with me ... a Disorderly Conduct charge? I'm devastated. Probably not as much as you are about your dead daughter, though." -Rolf OelerFacebook message, 2/3/12

Editor's Note 

Menacing blog comments, phone messages, U.S. Mail, and even sadistic taunting emails from Catholic priest Father Alex Joseph intending to emotionally terrorize the already grief-stricken Villa family into ending our justice mission are an almost everyday occurrence here at LVS.

We've been informed that we're mentally ill and need help; that our home is under surveillance and that we're being watched; that our daughter Sheena's wrongful death litigation will be sabotaged by those who know how to do it; that Sheena really killed herself; that dogs (and their owners) are urinating nightly behind our garage; that we keep our daughter's corpse in our basement for masturbation and necrophilia ... > See Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor Michael Donovan exposed on 69 News  

The sadistically cruel and harassing cyber attacks against us aren't always by "anonymous."  

Morning Call-affiliated hate blogger Mike Molovinsky has publicly threatened us w/ "dangerous physical injury."

Alfonso Todd follower, admitted dominatrix/prostitute, and bully cyberstalker Riley Schillaci tried to get Angie Villa fired from her job for publishing verifiable (and libel-proof) facts & truth, but we caught her, read the proof details here.  

In a month-long blog assault against us hosted enthusiastically by outgoing Allentown City Council Vice President W. Michael Donovan and covered in some depth by 69 News, known local bloggers (e.g., Chris Casey pictured above) actually "came out" and signed their names to their vile anti-Villas blog handiwork, as does Rolf Oeler at Facebook [see recent comments below] and Father Alex Joseph [see comment below].

The exceptionally vile-mouthed Rolf Oeler is the bad seed step-son of The Morning Call's, and DA Jim Martin's attorney ... Malcolm J. Gross.

Morning Call "newspaper" "reporter" Bill White dedicated an entire Saturday column to completely deceiving readers w/ DA Jim Martin water-carrying whitewash.

In the aftermath, Allentown City Council, The Morning Call "newspaper," its in-lock-step local "news" blogosphere (of which Michael Donovan is a selected member), and three closely Morning Call-afiiliated local colleges (Cedar Crest, Muhlenberg, and Lehigh), w/ their silent compliance, all publicly pledged their allegiance to libelous "hate blogging" when its purpose is to muzzle facts and truth and punish those who dare speak truth to power. Currently on temporary hiatus from figure heading-up the passive-aggressive, pro-Morning Call cyber charge against the grieving Villa family is Muhlenberg College assistant professor of media and communication, Jeff Pooley.

Much to the collective chagrin of the "allied mob rulers" (and their lapdog/attack dog local blogger trophy trolls), we won't shut up.

All the inconvenient (and verifiable) facts and truth that the allied mob rulers don't want you to know about (and the Morning Call "newspaper" refuses to cover) can be examined at our blog's right sidebar (for now) and not even phony/trumped-up "criminal" charges rigged against us by DA Jim Martin have slowed us up much.

We're here to stay (until DA Jim Martin is gone) and they all know it.

Recently, we really hit a nerve of total panic among the allied mob rulers w/ our blog post about Judge Robert L. Steinberg and the possibility that Judge Steinberg may meet w/ us, ally w/ us, and help us de-throne Jim Martin in 2011-- w/ what Judge Steinberg knows about DA Jim Martin, Steinberg could destroy Martin politically if he so chooses.

We're confident Judge Steinberg will make the right call this time.

So too, apparently, are the allied mob rulers.

One or more of their dirty work insiders (and it's not hard to guess which ones) have created disguised forged/fake email accounts (e.g., "" and "" and "") and have been sending us provoking and threatening e-taunts, dozens so far. As you can see, not all of the vile emails, blog comments, and Facebook messages we get are from "anonymous." Here's a sampling from the last several months & years ...  

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 2:38:52 pm


Subject: Hi Daddy

I'm ready for you to take my body out of the basement daddy.

his email was sent via,
the worlds leading anonymous email provider. -Reads like Rolf Oeler

"Good luck [Rolf] on your venture. Let me know if I can help in any way." -Father Alex Joseph, a.k.a. "The Village Idoti" -Nov 14, 2009 10:02pm

"Go get a life, jerk. You can quote me." -Michael Donovan (email) 69 News Exposé

"Bill Villa ... These are the seeds of dangerous physical injury." -Mike Molovinsky on Allentown 

" ... necrophilia is a mental illness where patients have odd attitudes towards the dead. In Allentown we have a man who pimps a dead woman's memory to extort pity for himself. The first ever case of NECROVILLIA -April 3, 2010 5:28 PM, Inclusion by Michael Donovan

"Dead drunken whorish daughters hurt the most on Fathers Day."

"... piss all over yourself." -Rolf Oeler, Facebook message, 1/25/12

" ... much of this war has involved issues that I thought were best kept private." -Bill White, The Morning Call, June 5, 2010, New name for enemies list?

"I am proud to be at the TOP OF YOUR PUBLIC ENEMIES list." -Chris Casey (Excerpt from signed comment at Lehigh Valley Patch, eventually deleted by Patch administrators)

"When a drunk whore gets killed after getting into a car to suck the cock of a drunk man, the family has little to blame but the parenting of a divorced mother and father who did not teach their daughter right from wrong." [Reads like Rolf Oeler or Father Alex Joseph]

"Kinda sad your whorish daughter died giving head to a drunk driver. Why did the whore get in the car with a drunk? She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth and gag on it as he shot a load of jizz in her throat." [Reads like Rolf Oeler or Father Alex Joseph]

"Is it true that she was giving a mouth gagging blow job at the time of the so called accident that she could have prevented by not sucking cock soooooo gooooood! I am glad that the drunk will be a free man and at the bar telling stories of road head from the deceased, kinda kinky" [Reads like Rolf Oeler or Father Alex Joseph]

"I miss you each and every day, the last moments we spent together will last a lifetime" -Robert LaBarre, Allentown PA [Note: posted at Sheena's Obituary Legacy Guest Book, 1/15/12 [Reads like Rolf Oeler or Father Alex Joseph]

"Villa is a wackjob."

"Villa is scum."

"Fuck off ... go to hell ... I'll be around Billy Boy ... see you around, sir ..." -Ned Donovan (email)

"See you Saturday."

"Dottie, this isn't recess."

"You're a very sick man. Get help. Please."

"Enemy." "Vile"

"You worthless leech."

"You're pathetic ... coward ... dumb-ass ... pussy ... irrelevant ... latently homosexual ..."

"Loser" ... "Fag boy" ... "Asshole" ... "jerkoff" ... -Rolf Oeler, Facebook message, 1/28/12

"Harassment by communication. Oh well."

"Villa ... enemy ..."

"I have friends in high places."

"God bless Jim Martin."

"You'll probably do prison time ... no one cares."

"I've been noticing your Morning Call insults ..."

"WHAT THE HELL are you avenging ...?" -Mrs. Donovan (Morning Call freelancer) Diana Morse (email)

"Spare me the grieving father bit."

"Keep listening to those voices in your head."

"Hey Bill: can you send me Casey's email address?"

"Good luck with Jimbo. How are you going to explain it when he wins again? You're a joke. I'm done with you."

"How's that Steinberg meeting going?"

"You don't stand a chance with a man of Judge Steinberg's intellect."

"Get into therapy."

"Get help."

"You need help dude, serious help."

" ... Dude ... I am the OUTLAW JOSEY WALES ..."
-Rolf Oeler, Facebook message, 1/25/12

"You got 69 News to help you with your delusions ... You got a blow-dry airhead to do your bidding ... turn on FMZ ..."

"I happen to know Judge Steinberg doesn't appreciate that."

"Get Steinberg to meet yet?"

"BTW, I copied Judge Steinberg ... that meeting should go well for you."

"How are things with Judge Steinberg?"

Readers, obviously, inquiring allied mob ruler minds want to know ... desperately.

They also want to muzzle and silence us (not a chance).

Stay tuned to LVS for [UpDate] Judge Steinberg's response.