Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Official: Judge Michele Varricchio rules that DA Jim Martin doesn't know the law

Today's Morning Call "newspaper" reluctantly reports the news of a humiliating defeat for their longtime colluding crony pal DA Jim Martin ...

Finally, bully DA Jim Martin's shameful and media un-challenged public harassment of Macungie Mayor Rick Hoffman is over.

Or is it?

The Morning Call notes that a curiously un-named "spokeswoman" for DA Jim Martin named Debbie Garlicki said DA Martin is considering an appeal!

Yeow. Readers, FYI, last year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court refused to even hear a frivolous and vexatious appeal filed by DA Jim Martin that had already been rejected resoundingly by the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Lehigh County Common Pleas Court.

That case involved DA Jim Martin's hardened, wide-stance insistence that he had the ultimate authority to pay undercover informants to have tape recorded sex with prostitute masseuses as many times as he liked.

Lehigh County Judge Robert L. Steinberg disagreed disgustingly and tossed Martin's case out of his sight calling it 'outrageous.'

Frustrated, and engorged, DA Jim Martin then pumped countless taxpayer dollars and county man hours into appealing Judge Steinberg's ruling to the Pennsylvania Superior Court where he lost BIG again.  Incredibly, Martin then appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In refusing to even hear DA Jim Martin's Superior Court ruling appeal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court basically told DA Jim Martin to take his already twice-tossed Shiatsu sex case and beat it ... and then (presumably) to have a cigarette.

Locally, only LVS covered the outcome of DA Jim Martin's "Shiatsu Sex" scandal and you can re-enjoy our money shot, exclusively, by clicking this link ...