Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Business Doesn't Matter to Tony Iannelli

Did you catch the total disgrace that was Monday 11/30's episode of "Business (wink wink) Matters" on WFMZ-TV Channel 69? Click on "Race and the Obama Administration" to watch the "show."

First off, the topic (which isn't really "debatable"), "is there racism against President Obama?" had nuthin' to do w/ business, Lehigh Valley or otherwise. And Tony Iannelli it should be noted is head honcho (for now) of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce-- i.e., it might make cents for Iannelli to use his Business Matters forum to enhance, promote, pump-up, you know, Lehigh Valley Business.

Nah. Instead, as we witnessed in stunned and jaw-dropping amazement on Monday night, Iannelli used his Business Matters forum to host a socio-politico-culturo babble-speak and cross-fire interrupto session from a total bullshit panel that included Nazareth hate blogger Bernie O'Hare ... who was disbarred for sabotaging his own African American client's civil rights litigation against Bethlehem Steel with (in the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court) evil intent ... on a show about racism!


FYI, Iannelli never mentioned O'Hare's "expert" status.

But guess what ... Tony "I" knows all about what Bernie O did to George Usry, and to Lucille White and to Sheena Villa and Tony knew this stuff well in advance of booking O'Hare on the show (we know because we told Tony) but he went right ahead w/ the show featuring O'Hare anyway.

Consequences, anyone?

We suggest canceling Business Matters, firing Tony Iannelli as head of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce ASAP, and WFMZ formally apologizing to the family of George Usry.

See our right sidebar item, The Ugly Truth About Bernie O'Hare for all the gory facts that seemingly everyone (except us) is too pusillanimous to hold O'Hare accountable for, and sadly, you know we're right.

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