Saturday, September 12, 2009


Our talented, beautiful, and kind daughter Sheena was killed, suddenly and violently, by a malice-sodden and remorseless drunk driver on her 25th birthday in March, 2006. Apparently no big deal to some, but for us this life-shattering event continues to darken our lives with an aching sadness, and until you experience it yourself, you have no clue how surrealistically awful it is to lose a child.

A demonstrably crooked, incompetent, and not very bright DA, Jim Martin, "tipped his hand" and gave us good reasons to believe he’d be going easy on Sheena’s killer— and our instincts proved to be dead-on target, as Mr. Martin’s devious attempts to fix Sheena’s case in favor of her killer would reveal.

We had to work way too hard to get a measure of “justice” in Lehigh County. Basically, we had to outmaneuver DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call "newspaper" and we resent this greatly. We should have been able to use that time to grieve the loss of our daughter, instead of having to monitor an arrogant and unopposed DA and deter him from fixing Sheena’s case in favor of her killer, and his family.

We did okay versus DA Jim Martin, all things considered. Sheena’s killer was sentenced to serve 5 1/2 to 12 years in state prison, nearly double the PA state mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years. But it took hundreds of letters to DA Jim Martin and Judge Robert Steinberg (in election years for both of them) to flood-light-up DA Martin’s shamelessly lackluster "prosecution" of Sheena’s killer so brightly that it tied Jim Martin’s hands, and prevented a plea deal fix. Thank you again to the hundreds of you who wrote letters. Without them, we are positive Sheena’s killer would have gotten the "weekend jail" he was telling friends he’d be getting in the days immediately following Sheena’s death. He should have been charged w/ third degree murder.

All through our nightmarish ordeal, The Morning Call "newspaper" protected DA Jim Martin at every turn and refused to report on an array of jaw-dropping irregularities in DA Martin’s "handling" of Sheena’s case.

In September 2007, our civic-minded vigilance caught DA Jim Martin successfully fixing a DUI homicide case, the night before trial, in favor of the criminal defendant and his family. DA Martin succeeded by using tactics similar to those he had tried to use on us, unsuccessfully.

We believe The Morning Call “newspaper” helped DA Martin fix this September 2007 DUI homicide case through "reporting" that strayed far beyond "incorrect" and "erroneous" and into the realm of blatant deception. That "reporting" remains uncorrected and un-clarified to this day. The "reporter" was Debbie Garlicki ... who now works for DA Jim Martin.

Through this blog, we’ve been exposing the unhealthy, crony-colluding relationship that has existed between DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call "newspaper" ever since Martin was appointed to his office in 1998.

Our Justice Mission Goal is two-fold:

To de-throne crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin and replace him with the kind of modern district attorney Lehigh County deserves.

To warn our community, and other grieving families, about the vigilant efforts they'll need to employ to outmaneuver DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call to get "justice" in Lehigh County.

We fight to get the truth out there, so that hopefully your family won't have to go through what our family continues to go through.

And what are the motives of those who so strenuously oppose us in our local government, local "justice" system, local blogosphere, and local "media?"

We fight to expose and de-throne those who operate w/ evil intent.

Help us ... or stay out of our way.


* Negligently Releasing Murderers into the Community