Saturday, March 31, 2012

DA Jim Martin: Drunk, With Power

[Updated 5/4/12: Brad Rinehart, 69 "News" Director sends LVS an unconvincing damage control email, and Glenn Eckhart's attorney Matt Croslis sends LVS Glenn Eckhart's highly convincing legal objections, DA Martin has no case, neither does 69 "News," see comments] Finally emerging from hibernation and looking like he's coming off a 4 1/2 month drinking binge at Ye Olde Limeport Inn after his crony-rigged reelection on November 8, Lehigh County DA Jim Martin held a curious press conference at the Lehigh County Courthouse on Friday, March 30.

TV news coverage of the event by the Dick Dean-owned 69 "News" originally included priceless footage of a bloated and bleary-eyed DA Jim Martin reading from prepared notes with great difficulty as County Solicitor and Jim Martin Reelection Campaign Finance Committee member Matthew R. Sorrentino winces yet stands by his "man"-- but curiously, that footage has since disappeared from 69's apparently retroactively edited segment at its website, and likely at the insistence of a bellowing and bullying DA Jim Martin or his ex-Morning Call "newspaper" cover-up "reporter" and current DA Jim Martin cover-up Executive Aide, Debbie Garlicki.

Brad Rinehart, 69 "News" Director, is not responding to LVS's polite email inquiry regarding WFMZ-TV's sleazy, post-broadcast, and after website publication editing-out of DA Jim Martin's stumble-bum press conference performance ... which was obviously done to protect their sole source for un-objective, agenda-driven, and spoon-fed crime news, DA Jim Martin, from well-deserved embarrassment.

So what was DA Jim Martin's big (hiccup) announcement all about?

Expressing gratitude to senior super voters?

A 'get tough' policy on drunk drivers?

Yet another planned and trumpeted (but never implemented) new 'gang crime-fighting' initiative?

Possibly a clarification on his (wink wink) "97% conviction rate?"

Nah. Turns out crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin has got yet another colluding crony-driven vendetta stewin' in its own juices, this one targeting new Lehigh County Controller and fellow Republican, handsome Glenn Eckhart.

For reasons I am positive we'll never know the dirty facts and inconvenient truth on, DA Jim Martin is legally challenging Glenn Eckhart's eligibility to be controller. Yep. Yet another gross waste of taxpayer money and crime-fighting time by our media un-challenged egomaniac DA Jim Martin.

Glenn Eckhart now joins an always-lengthening litany of vengeful DA Jim Martin vendetta victims that includes former Allentown Police Chief Stephen L. Kuhn, perennial "Top Gun" award-winning ex-Allentown Police Officer Michael Kenderski, Macungie Mayor Rick Hoffman, Lehigh County Judges Douglas G. Reichley, and Robert L. Steinberg, and Michelle A. Varricchio, and James T. Anthony, and of course, yours truly.

It will be very interesting to see if defeated Democratic controller and longtime DA Jim Martin boot licker and ass kisser Tom Slonaker will flip-flop parties and turn Republican (officially), since, if DA Martin is successful in ousting Glenn Eckhart, Eckhart's replacement, who will be conveniently appointed by the Republican majority-led Lehigh County Commissioners, must also be a Republican.

Not known is whether the Lehigh County Commissioners will just let Team Martin/Corbett pick Glenn Eckhart's replacement directly and if it will be (our bet) unemployed Republican Commissioner hopeful/wanna-be and freelancer attorney (for now) David C. Najarian, to whom DA Martin owes a favor, or two, so stay tuned.

In related news, LVS wishes 2011 Democratic candidate for Lehigh County District Attorney Ed Koren all the best in his courageous lawsuit against alleged crooked-Corbett-crony insiders at the PA State Police.

After Ed Koren trounces Team Martin/Corbett in Federal court, we hope he considers suing Kevin Amerman and The Morning Call "newspaper," also.

Ed Koren sure had DA Jim Martin pegged perfectly in this terrific campaign TV spot.

(I kicked Jim Martin's fat ass in person during a surprise campaign debate but our local media wouldn't report on it.)

But as game and as qualified as he was, Ed Koren was no match for the Lehigh County Good Ol' Boy Network.

Sadly, Lehigh County's monied and media Good Ol' Boys make damn sure that nobody can beat Jim Martin except for Jim Beam and Jack Daniels ... and of course, yours truly.

LVS believes it's high time the voters of Lehigh County start questioning and litigating Jim Martin's eligibility to be DA, especially since our shameful lapdog local media never will.