Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Proposal for Patch Pixie Janine Iamunno

Recently, LVS caught AOL Patch editorial assistant Jerry Brahm deleting my verifiably factual Patch comments on Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin and concealing the truth @ AOL Patch Lehigh Valley-- just like The Morning Call "newspaper" does.

Then, to add to Patch's exposed mortified embarrassment, one of AOL Patch's Lehigh Valley editors (for now) Mariella Savidge broke ranks and praised me.

Now, we've caught AOL Patch Lehigh Valley w/ its pants down (and on fire) for a third time, and as a 'make good,' I want to be selected-honored w/ a gig as an unpaid AOL Patch Lehigh Valley blogger. Yeah.

Here's my proposal ...

Email, Outgoing, to Lehigh Valley Patch Regional Editor Susan Koomar (left), editorial gopher/hatchet "man" Jerry Brahm, Patch VP of Communications Janine Iamunno, and Lower Macungie Patch Editor Mariella Savidge.

On June 29, 2011 at 7:39am Bill Villa wrote ...

Recently, Lehigh Valley Patch publicly solicited for bloggers, and I applied, to all 11 local Patch editors, but I was ignored by 8 or 9 of them and denied by the rest. The reason I was given (by 2-3 in lock-step Lehigh Valley Patch editors via email) is because I live in Allentown ... and there's no Allentown Patch.

I told the Patch editors I was from "Lehigh County" and wanted to write on county-wide issues.

They told me Patch wanted their bloggers to write about issues specific to the area they lived in-- Emmaus bloggers writing about Emmaus stuff, South Whitehall bloggers writing about South Whitehall matters. Etc.

Patch then signed up Trexlertown blogger and admitted Villas cyber stalker
Chris Casey to write about county-wide issues, and seemingly, whatever strikes his quasi-literate fancy.

See Chris Casey's poorly written Patch blog posts on
May 17, 18, 23, and 31, 2011.

Q. What's with this glaringly exposed Double Standard?

And, what would be the down-side of enlisting me to write about DA Jim Martin for Lehigh Valley Patch in an election year?

Bill Villa

P.S. Mariella, you promised me a follow-up phone call last week. I'm still waiting ...

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UpDate: Despite several polite follow-up e-inquiries, I've yet to hear a peep of response back from anyone at Patch. Apparently they're all making believe that they are "ignoring" my excellent questions-- just like The Morning Call "newspaper" does.

[Update] In an email dated October 24, 2011, Patch's VP of "Communications" (for now) Janine Iamunno wrote: "Mr. Villa, we've suspended [i.e., comment-muzzled] your Patch account." Editor's Note: Not surprising, I guess, that Lehigh Valley Patch's mostly ex-Morning Call editors would borrow a page from the Morning Call's truth-muzzling playbook to shut me up and protect DA Jim Martin.

[Update] In an email dated February 8, 2012, Patch's VP of "Communications" (for now) Janine Iamunno wrote: "Mr. Villa, please remove my photo and the associated false claim of 'censorship' from your site immediately."