Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bill Villa Cleared of Bernie O'Hare's Bogus & Malicious Summary "Harassment" Charges

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It took Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Stephen G. Baratta approximately 20 seconds this morning to toss DA Jim Martin ally Bernie O'Hare's phony "harassment" charges against me (left), thus reversing and overturning the shameful mockery of justice in Wind Gap that was rigged against me last May by O'Hare and crony-crooked District Magistrate (for now) Adrianne L. Masut.

O'Hare, knowing he had no chance of prevailing against me and my sharp lawyer ... and not wanting his many NorCo Courthouse cronies to witness his imminent ass-kicking ... was a no-show on purpose. Yep. The O'Hare brand of savvy "legal acumen" (wink wink) strikes again. And sadly, for the second time in as many months, another local bully got his ass whupped in court, liberally, by yours truly, moi. Who's next? Stay tuned.

By far the best line of the 20-second legal massacre belonged to Judge Baratta who, in quizzically noting O'Hare's curious absence from the NorCo Courthouse comically quipped, "Is this the title searcher Bernie O'Hare? Why he's in here all the time!"

Actually, O'Hare was lurking in the building, as was his tragically-duped seminarian acolyte and lapdog, Alex Joseph, who we caught peeking into Judge Baratta's Courtroom #6.

Dear Readers, I had the extreme pleasure of intercepting "Father Alex Joseph," introducing myself to him, shaking his hand from an up-close and personal proximity easily close enough for a concussion-inducing head-butt (had I opted for one), and telling "Father Alex," to his bloated face, that he's "a piece of shit who will burn in hell." Somewhere, God was musing, "I second that."

As "Father Alex" went waddling and wimpering down the hall, here came O'Hare (!) waddling towards us and saying that he "thought the trial was tomorrow!" (wink wink). O'Hare then proceeded to try provoking me (again) in front of a gathering crowd of his NorCo Courthouse cronies, hoping to Christ that I'd break his jaw in nine different places right there in the NorCo Courthouse-- this being O'Hare's only shot at "winning."

"You're a criminal harasser!!!" O'Hare brayed at me for the benefit of his duped audience.

To which I calmly replied, "not anymore, I'm not."

Thank you for clearing my good name, Judge Baratta, by reversing, overturning, and dismissing all the phony charges against me.

Readers, everything in Bernie O'Hare's totally bogus, private "criminal" (wink wink) complaint against me was either a gross misrepresentation or a flat-out lie (we can prove it), and it's against the law to lie on a sworn affidavit-- even if you're an already disbarred and disgraced "lawyer" like O'Hare is.

Stay tuned, as we now switch from winning defense to winning offense and go after evil sadist hate blogger Bernie O'Hare (legally) w/ both barrels.