Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lehigh University Should Fire Un-Ethical Journalist & Adjunct Professor Bill White

[12/14 UpDate: Bill White responds by publishing an un-hinged and profane name-calling comment at his blog that's deleted at our request by Morning Call online editors Marc Rosenberg and Elizabeth Bartolai overnight]

Watch: Back Story Michael Donovan 69 News Exposé 

In one of the more disillusioning examples of crooked colluding cronyism LVS has exposed to date, get this ... compulsive LVS stalker and under-achieving Morning Call "newspaper" Food/Gluttony, Movie Quotes, and Christmas "lites" columnist Bill White (pictured) has inexplicably taught journalism (?) at Bethlehem PA's Lehigh University for 28 years.

Oh wait, here's the explanation: the Chair of the Department is Bill's longtime fellow Morning Call pally, Wally Trimble. 

Here's, specifically, why Lehigh University should fire Bill White ASAP.

Readers, please take a moment to carefully examine the stunningly obvious deception The Morning Call perpetrated on me, and on its readers recently, in full view of you, the public.

As you can see, not only did "reporter" Jarrett Renshaw and "columnist" Bill White purposefully not tell their readers anything about the nature of the vile, anti-Villas content at Donovan's blog that triggered our complaint against Donovan to the Allentown "Ethics" Board ...

Renshaw and White (w/ the approval of their editors, presumably) also both quoted the author/perpetrators of all that signed anti-Villas vile at Donovan's blog as testimonial character witnesses for Donovan (!) never mentioning that these same Donovan "character witnesses" were also the author/perpetrators of all that anti-Villas filth at Donovan's blog.

Also never mentioned is that Renshaw and White are openly and publicly friendly w/ the cyber perpetrators and that their protectee, Michael Donovan, blogs for The Morning Call.

Those are The Inconvenient Facts, Lehigh U folks, and we have the hard copy to prove it to you.

Bill White is a coward and a liar.

No way he should be teaching journalism anywhere, or getting paid to write anything.

I've civilly and politely e-requested an in-person meeting w/ Wally Trimble and Bill White. No response yet from either "man."