Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spooked Good Ol' Boy Network spends $157,000 to keep DA Jim Martin in power

$157, 356.21 (so far) to be exact [Source:, Jim Martin 2011 Campaign Finance Reports]
All this big & greasy Good Ol' Boy money is being frantically spent on ...
Jim Martin campaign signs, TV spots, direct mailers, radio ads, political campaign consulting (although apparently not debate coaching), polling, two campaign events hosted by The Brew Works ($2,248.08) etc., etc., etc., $157,356.21.

W-O-W. For a guy who's being dismissed by DA Jim Martin in Martin's deceit-laden campaign mailers as being "uniquely unqualified" to be Lehigh County District Attorney, the Good Ol' Boy Network sure is spooked by the ED KOREN challenge, eh? $157k-worth (so far) and counting.

That's because Ed Koren is in fact uniquely qualified to be Lehigh County DA and the Good Ol' Boys know it.

Watch the 'haymaker' ED KOREN TV SPOT that has them all a-quiverin' like Jaindl turkeys in October or an ex-Morning Call Editorial Board Czar.

Then read the transparently deceitful diarrhea that's being pooped out by DA Jim Martin lapdog and Morning Call "reporter" Kevin Amerman, what a stench.

And which Good Ol' Boys, specifically, have ponied up the $157,356.21 (and counting) to keep their Good Ol' Boy DA Jim Martin on his (hiccup) throne?

All the usual (vested interest/pay-to-play) suspects.

Cash Contributing Members of DA Jim Martin's reelection Finance Committee include Abe Atiyeh, Dexter Baker, Dean Browning, Joseph A. Bubba, Esq., Gene Buckno, Greg Butz, Judge Edward Cahn, Jack Daddona, Bob Ford, Dave Helmer, Mike Keenan, Jamie Musselman, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Esq., Bill & Phyllis Grube, David Jaindl, Mark Lieberman, Scott Pidcock, Wm. Platt, Esq., JB Reilly, Charles Snelling, Matthew Sorrentino, Esq., Joel Spira, John Waldron, Esq., Wayne Woodman & Lisa Scheller.

Cash Contributing Members of DA Jim Martin's reelection Host Committee include Air Products PAC, Angelo Almonti, Esq., Dr. John Altobelli, Hon. Patrick Browne, Lee Butz, Hon. Charles Dent, Howard Epstein, Jane Ervin, The Very Rev. Daniel G. Gambet, Sally Gammon, Elmer Gates, Malcolm J. Gross, Esq., Hon. Julie Harhart, Anne Harrity, Rev. Grant E. Harrity, William Heydt, Gavin P. Holihan, Esq., James T. Huber, Esq., Tony Iannelli, Bob Lovett, Hon. Bob Mensch, Michael Moyer, Esq., Michael Pessina, Dr. Raymond Singer, A. Renee Smith, Esq., Robert G. Tallman, Esq., Judge Thomas A. Wallitsch, and John Yurconic.

Generous 2011 repeat cash contributors include JB Reilly, Lee Butz, Abe Atiyeh, Gene Buckno, Joe Brake, Larry Beans, Bob Kelly, Michael Pessina, Wayne Woodman & Lisa Scheller, Gavin P. Holihan, Esq., Father Daniel Gambet, attorney (for now) David Najarian, Judge Maxwell Davison, Judge Edward Cahn, Merrily Starkey, David Jaindl, Anne Jaindl, and Catherine Jaindl-Leuthe (gobble gobble).

Not listed were the countless and priceless kind considerations of The Morning Call "newspaper" and 69 "News."

Come on, Lehigh County, don't let the monied insider 1% Good Ol' Boys victimize the 99% of us with 4 more years of crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin just so they can get their special favors.