Wednesday, February 20, 2019


A heartfelt thank you to the many who are emailing WAEB's requesting my return to their airwaves. I, too, am hoping they do the right thing. -Bill Villa

"Absolutely I can see you back on the air with Bobby again."
-Craig Stevens, WAEB Operations Mgr., 8/14/14 phone call

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Bill Villa Facts & Truth on WAEB AM 790 
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Hear my AUG 4 Show
Amber Washko Sentencing & Media Analysis 
Read 69 "News" Incomplete Coverage 
Read The "Express"-Times Incomplete Coverage  
Read Laurie Mason Schroeder Coverage 
8/4/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube

Hear my July 22 Show
How You Too Can Outmaneuver Team DA Jim Martin 
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Renee Smith, Debbie Garlicki, DA Martin: Case Fixers
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Hear my June 26 Show
Updates on Amber Washko & James Lauer
Will be available for listening @ YouTube (Check Back)

Hear my June 16 Show
Joe Hennessey DA Jim Martin continued ...
6/16/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube

Hear my June 12 Show
Joe Hennessey & DA Jim Martin
6/12/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube

Hear my May 29 Show
Renee Smith & Debbie Garlicki & DA Jim Martin
5/29/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube
Hear my Apr 10 Show
James W. Lauer DA Jim Martin
4/10/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube


Hear my Feb 20 show
Sheena Villa & DA Jim Martin
2/20/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube

Hear my Feb 21 show 
Sheena Villa & DA Jim Martin
2/21/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube

Hear my Feb 24 show
Sheena Villa & DA Jim Martin   
2/24/14 WAEB Listen @ YouTube

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UpDate: 8/14/14 WAEB seemingly calls DA Jim Martin's "defamation" bluff (time will tell), for more info, see My Facebook Page

UpDate: On August 1, 2014, Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin through the Philadelphia law firm of Sprague & Sprague notified Clear Channel Communications, WAEB, and yours truly of his intention to maybe sue us for "defamation" re: "Broadcasts on WAEB About James B. Martin." Obviously, we've hit a nerve as DA Martin's reelection approaches next year. And just as obviously, DA Martin is bluffing. To prove defamation, he'll need to prove I told lies on the air knowing they were lies. I didn't do that. Ironically, DA Jim Martin knows he's lying about "defamation," since everything I've said on WAEB is true, verifiably factual, and/or my opinion, commonly (and legally) known as free speech, first amendment. DA Jim Martin may succeed in spooking Clear Channel and WAEB into never having me back on the air, to avoid costly litigation. I hope this doesn't turn out to be the case as I've thoroughly enjoyed my on-air rapport with Bobby Gunther Walsh; it's been terrific talk radio. But if Clear Channel/WAEB does throw me under the bus, I'll find another forum for de-throning Jim Martin in 2015, as I counter-sue him for frivolous, vexatious, and malicious litigation. So far, I'm undefeated in court. DA Jim Martin isn't. 


Together, we can de-throne crooked and incompetent Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin next election and trigger significant personnel housecleanings at The Morning Call "newspaper," 69 "News," and The "Express"-Times for the betterment of the Lehigh Valley. We deserve better justice systems locally, and better media coverage. What we have, far too frequently, is justice denied and crony-crooked and colluding truth concealing about it. I've experienced this first-hand via my daughter Sheena's killing, and for the past 8 years have been compiling other cases. There's a whole lot to expose. My thanks to Bobby Gunther Walsh, WAEB, and Clear Channel Communications for having the courage to put Bill Villa Facts & Truth on the air, regularly. See LVS's right sidebar content for upcoming topics and stay tuned for my next shows.