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UpDate: 2014 ASD Saboteur Bullies Fail at Muzzling Villas' Verifiable Facts & Truth

UpDated: Today
Left to right: "Dangerous physical injury" to Bill Villa threatener Mike Molovinsky, admitted internet identity impersonator and dominatrix/prostitute Riley Schillaci, and LVS "dais denied" former Allentown City Council candidate and flim-flam artist Alfonso Todd.

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Editor's Note: The illegal cyber identity impersonation and cyber bullying activities of Riley Schillaci are currently being celebrated and defended at Mike Molovinsky's blog by Alfonso Todd & Gina Blevins, Brew Works co-owner Rich Fegley, attorney Malcolm Gross's stepson Rolf Oeler, and (incredibly) Allentown School District Board member (for now) Scott Armstrong.

Buttinsky Putz Mike Molovinsky: let's review the F-A-C-T-S, as I've thoroughly documented them for the Allentown School District (ASD), and that we even sent you courtesy copies of, to give to your lawyer, because a New York state law was broken here.  

An admitted (and she admitted these things in comments at your blog) internet identity impersonator and dominatrix/prostitute from Rochester NY, Riley Schillaci, impersonating a "very concerned ASD parent" with children in the district, "A. Vazquez," on November 27, 2013 emailed the ASD demanding they fire my wife Angie Villa (left), a substitute teacher in the ASD, for "bullying." 

The ASD investigated (they spent hours on Angie's and my blogs; we saw them on our StatMeters), they quickly exonerated Angie, and reinstated her from their brief suspension which is standard procedure during a (wink wink) "investigation." Editor's Note: We believe our being (politely) up the ASD's ass like an acid enema from day 1 greatly facilitated their expeditious exoneration and reinstatement of Angie Villa.  

Inexplicably, curiously, and unwisely, the ASD's "Doctor" Jack Clark subsequently denied us our Right-To-Know access to the accusatory "complaint email" but we acquired it anyway. 

We googled the email address on the "complaint email," [Click on Sept 3, 2006] and discovered it belonged to the same person, Riley Schillaci, who had sent Angie Villa out-of-the-blue foaming at the mouth Facebook messages on 11/27/13, the same day Schillaci had sent her bullying "complaint email" to the ASD. Editor's Note: The day before, on 11/26/13, LVS reported here in a blog comment on a series of angry and threatening emails we were in the process of receiving from LVS "dais denied"Allentown City Council candidate Alfonso Todd

We also discovered this Riley Schillaci (who lived in Allentown for several years until recently) was associated with [see 3rd last line of credits] local flim-flam artist Alfonso Todd who lost in his bid for Allentown City Council last May, mostly because we had 'outed' him here at LVS for having two (2) outstanding warrants for his arrest [Driving w/ Revoked License] and for having a business partner who is a registered sex offender ... [hard copy proof documented w/ ASD & Mike Molovinsky] ... and that Alfonso and his registered sex offender business partner stage beauty pageants and fashion shows with local young women the same age as the young woman Alfonso's business partner had raped at gunpoint ... [hard copy proof documented w/ ASD & Mike Molovinsky]. 

Curiously, our local media wasn't interested in covering this Alfonso Todd/registered sex offender story [they had all received hard copy documentation proof from us well before the May election, in Feb 2013] but we felt voters had a right to know and apparently the voters appreciated knowing since Alfonso Todd came in dead last in a field of 9 candidates.  

Editor's Note: The Morning Call "newspaper"and The "Express"- Times ignored LVS's Alfonso Todd exposé completely, even after we leveraged Alfonso into admitting it at his own blog. No coverage. 69 "News," curiously, and either incompetently, or outright deceitfully, glossed over it as a story only about (wink wink) "parking tickets," clumsily (and transparently) getting the story dead wrong (RIP Len Righi).    

We've subsequently speculated to the ASD that Riley Schillaci's enraged sore loser sympathy for her friend Alfonso Todd's humiliating dead last defeat last May (and Alfundo's email exasperation on 11/26/13) may have prompted Schillaci to "pay us back" on 11/27/13Whatever. Riley Schillaci broke NY state Penal Law 190.25 subdivision 4, "impersonating someone on the internet with the intention of doing harm to another person," and we'll be prosecuting Schillaci and any possible accomplices to the fullest extent of New York law. 

We also theorized to the ASD that you, buttinsky putz Mike Molovinsky may (or may not) have had a hand in this cyber libel, since you remain a curiously ardent and outspoken supporter of habitual recidivist criminal defendant and business partner with a registered sex offender, Alfonso Toddand now Riley Schillaci as well, dutifully spewing out 100% fact-free deceit-laden "counter" blogs to our verifiably factual blogs. 

Q. Mike, where's the alleged Villa "bullying" in all this? Our accounts are all true. Verifiably factual. And thoroughly documented w/ the ASD. You certainly don't like that we've gone so public with all this but that's tough shit. And because you've interjected yourself into all this, we intend to subpoena you and put you through a grueling and hopefully humiliating deposition as well. Happy New Year.

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And keep checking back for LVS's explosive exposé exclusive and thrilling conclusion regarding what happens (legally) to the Lehigh Valley blogosphere cyber bully stooges who were foiled yet again in their futile attempts to silence Bill Villa Facts & Truth. This time, criminal charges from outside of colluding crony-crooked 'n cozy Lehigh and Northampton counties are involved. Oopsie.

UpDate 12/19/13 > DUMB-ASS CONFESSION 

Email, Incoming, from Riley Schillaci, 12/19/13, 6:41 pm.

Congratulations Sherlock. You cracked the case. I said in the email that ... [Redacted | Criminal Charges Pending]

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