Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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Readers, it was my great pleasure on Thursday November 1 to address this year's graduating class of PA Parole Agents in Harrisburg. I was invited to speak by the Office of the Victim Advocate in Harrisburg.

I spoke about ...
being a crime victim, about how the local "powers that be" tried to fix the case in favor of my daughter Sheena's connected killer, and how I subsequently (with your help) outmaneuvered them all and made Sheena's killer Robert LaBarre, his army of Gross McGinley attorneys, DA Jim Martin, Judge Steinberg, and the crooked colluding crony local "newspaper" my victims. It went really great. I spoke for 70 minutes, with lots of Q & A afterwards. The new parole agents could not have been more attentive, inquisitive, shocked, and empathetic. I told them that Robert LaBarre's parole agent, who I've developed an excellent working relationship with, had the exact same reaction to my story that they all had. I saw some tears being shed as I was speaking and I believe my story made an impact on them. I trust they'll all be keeping their hearts and minds open for crime victims in their new jobs monitoring convicted criminals like Robert LaBarre. It was especially great finally getting to hang in person with the beautiful and brilliant women from the Office of the Victim Advocate in Harrisburg who masterminded parolee Robert LaBarre's geographic restrictions.

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