Friday, September 9, 2011

DA Jim Martin & Retired Judge Brenner Give Joshua Share a "Julia Brenner Deal"

From yesterday's Morning Call online:

Readers, Best Friend of Drunk Drivers DA Jim Martin set the Joshua Share case up for a "wrist slap" from Lehigh County Senior (Retired) Judge Lawrence J. Brenner by (again) inexplicably dropping the major charge-- in this case felony aggravated assault. See LVS's illuminating July exposé entitled, Booze-loving DA Jim Martin gives another drunk driver the break of a lifetime.

And ... I think I know why Senior (Retired) Judge Lawrence J. Brenner was brought out of mothballs, infused w/ embalming fluid, and propped up on the bench for this case-- an assignment that, BTW, would have been arranged by President Judge Carol K. McGinley, a co-founder of the crony-connected law firm Gross McGinley that regularly represents crony pals such as The Morning Call and unethical election conduct scofflaw DA Jim Martin. Yep. It's who you know around here. And who knows who. And who keeps a lid on everything.

Just a theory, but I'm betting that DA Jim Martin asked President Judge Carol Gross McGinley to put the most lenient, alcoholic-sympathetic, and DUI-friendly judge in Lehigh County on the Joshua Share case, and that judge is definitely Lawrence J. Brenner.

Why? Simple.

Judge Brenner's wife Julia was arrested for drunk driving ...

... and, like Joshua Share, after excessively high blood alcohol content, high-speed drunk driving that sent her airborne, and into a tree, which could have killed her passenger (her husband, Judge Brenner), Julia Brenner got off really easy too. Crony cozily, Julia Brenner was represented by Malcolm Gross McGinley and her "newspaper" coverage was written by then Morning Call coverup "reporter" and now DA Jim Martin coverup Executive Aide Debbie Garlicki, see ...  

Sometimes it's what you know.